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Kaduna State Travel Guide

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Kaduna was founded by the British in 1913 and became the capital of Nigeria’s former Northern Region which was made up of the two Provinces of Zaria and Katsina in 1917, and it retained this status until 1967 when it became the capital of the then North-Central State, which was later renamed Kaduna State in 1976.

The city, located on the Kaduna River, is a trade center and a major transportation hub for the surrounding agricultural areas with its rail and road junction.

With the population of more than 2.1 million, Kaduna is one of the important cities in Nigeria because it has a place in the history of the political development in Nigeria.

Kaduna is an industrial center of Northern Nigeria where manufacturing products such as textiles, machinery, steel, aluminum, petroleum products are widely available.

The tourism potential of Kaduna had not been fully explored because at the present, state of tourism in Kaduna does not reflect the state’s long history and its rich cultural developments.





Amalgamation House

This is the iconic building where Lord Lugard, the colonial governor, amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914, making Nigeria one geographical entity. It was also where cease-fire was declared in 1970 to end the Nigeria Civil War.


Fifth Chukker Resorts 

The fifth chukker resort blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings set on 130 hectares of land, it also offers world-class sports entertainment in a casually elegant environmnent. Fifth chukker is undoubtedly one of the finest facilities in the country to play and observe the dramatic and artistic sport of polo. The resort is usually opened to members; and during tournaments to the public with tickets.


Lord Lugard Residence

This is a one-storey cottage where Lord Lugard lived during the amalgamation period and it is located opposite the amalgamation house. This site was claimed to be the first administrative headquarters of the region before it was relocated to Calabar.


Trappco Ranch & Resort

Purposely established as a relaxation center for the tourists, Trappco Resorts is one of the must-visit places in Kaduna city because it has established itself as a condusive and favourable place for the visiting tourists.

Security, beauty, tranquility and unequalled peace are blended into the concept of TRAPPCO RANCH & RESORT which has now become Kaduna?s flagship relaxation and holiday spot. 

The comfort of guests is top priority on management agenda. The resort therefore boasts of 32 rooms consisting of 8 single rooms, 7 studios, 4 two bedroom charletsand 3 three bedroom charlets all tastefully furnished to feather your stay. 
All rooms are also equipped with TV, refridgerator, intecom and Air conditioner. In whichever room you choose, you?d never miss home.


Kajuru Castle

Nearby Kaduna metropolis in the picturesque surroundings of ancient inselberg formations your will find various possibilities to relax and enjoy yourself. You can go trekking, hiking, fishing, inline skating or just rent a bike.


River Kaduna

The city got its name from this river and the evening sight-seeing along the river provides a beautiful scenery attractively magnificent and amazing.


Lord Lugard Foot Bridge

This bridge was transported down to Kaduna in 1920 by Lord Lugard when he removed his headquaters from Zungeru to Kaduna. Lord Lugard was the first colonial governor to appointed by the British. The bridge was erected 40 years (1880) before it was finally removed and transferred to Kaduna in 1920. The state government has given the garden a face lift in developing it into a tourist relaxation centre.


Lord Lugard Hall

This was the former house of assembly and house of chiefs during Nigeria’s first republic and became house of the legislature during the second republic between 1979 – 1983. It is an imposing structure that still maintains its allure as centre of political power in northern Nigeria.

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