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Bridgewater seeks training for aviation development

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THE only way to save the aviation industry from the dearth of manpower is continuous training of professionals in the sector.

The disclosure was made by the Managing Director of Bridgewater Academy, Mr. Jide Onalaja recently at the unveiling of Nigeria’s premier skills acquisition and career development centre which would in no small measure help in the prospect of redefining aviation and customer service training in Nigeria.

According to him: “The concept is trying to prepare a better place for people to go. The small exercise we went through there shows you best rather than talking how we plan to approach things. If you want to do training from different point of view, it is to make people better. People come for interviews unprepared; they have no idea why they are even coming for the interview. This place is like a preparation ground so to speak that makes you a better person to better interview, have a better understanding of what you do.

“I have had instances where someone comes for interview and from the way they are talking, what they say they want to do is not what I am hearing. It is not everybody that thinks the way I do; it is not everybody that has the time to be able to see and understand where they are coming from.

“So, the idea is to better prepare people so that they are able to get jobs, interview well and the likes. Right now, it is purely aviation we do. If you see from the brochure, the courses we are offering is ticketing, and aviation is what we have done in ten past ten years.”

Onalaja stated that the firm equally did ticketing, cabin crew airport operations which he said cuts across sales and customer service.

He explained that customer service cuts across every industry, “more so in aviation because a lot of people, having a close relationship and working in the airport for a long time, you actually do need customer service training all the time because passengers are different, people are different, so the more reinforcement you give people, the easier it is for them to deal with people.”

He further disclosed that the training they were offering right now were both International Air Transport Association (IATA) and City of Guild certified. Have you met all the certifications for this school?

A lot of this kind of school starts first before you can get certification. The trainings we are offering right now are both IATA certified, City of Guild certified, just as he assure that further certifications would come with time.

“If you don’t open, you can’t get the certification. If you went to NCAA yesterday and said you want to open a training school and tell them to come and certify you, nobody is going to answer. So, you have to open first before you can now be certified. We are talking with IATA on certification and that is why we have IATA representative in Nigeria in this event. We are in talks with Amadeus, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). We are also in talks with them for certification.”

At the event, the personality profiling method was demonstrated to guests and it was interesting to observe how the outcome was applied by Mr. Jude Dibia as he explained in details The Total Person (TTP) approach, which differentiates the academy from the rest of the pack.

Article credit: Guardian Newspaper

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