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SLOT Systems Sued for Alleged Sale of Defective iPad

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Emma Okonji

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of IT & Telecom Digest, has asked a Lagos High Court to compel SLOT Systems, which sells IT products, to pay a total sum of N15 million to for alleged sale of a defective iPad to the claimant.
In the statement of claim, the Publisher, Mr. Mkpe Abang, said he purchased an IPAD 2 (64 GB) in the sum of N160,000 from SLOT Systems  on 20th July, 2011 with a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

According to him, a few months into the use of the device, it became unusable, and, relying on the warranty offered with the sale, he returned the iPad to Slot Systems on May 28, 2012 due to a malfunctioning of the iPad in failing to recognise SIM cards.

Abang further claimed SLOT Systems had since May 28, 2011, when the iPad was returned, willfully deprived him of the use and enjoyment of the gadget without replacement or appropriate compensation.

He further posited that as publisher and journalist, he has so many vital pieces of information relevant to his business which he stored in the said iPad, but which he has been unable to access because the defendant has failed or refused to return the device.
THISDAY however pulled a call to SLOT Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo and discussed the issue with him, but he responded by saying he was attending a meeting and demanded for a text message to enable him respond to the allegation. A text message was sent to his MTN line, but as at the time of filling the story, Ezeigbo was yet to respond.

According to Abang, by a letter dated September 19, 2012, he demanded compensation or replacement of the iPad from SLOT, but by a letter dated September 25, 2012, SLOT declined the Abang’s request, claiming instead that Abang may have damaged the iPad by dropping it on the floor.

Following up on that, the publisher further stated in his statement of claim that by a letter dated October 12, 2012, he refuted the claim of SLOT that the iPad was malfunctioning as a result of a fall.

The claimant’s solicitors, Usman & Elema Solicitors informed the court that the claimant being a journalist has been put through a lot of hardship and loss in carrying on his business without his iPad due to the willful deprivation of the use of his iPad by SLOT and therefore prayed the court for a declaration that the iPad sold to the claimant by the SLOT on July 20, 2011 is defective and not fit for purpose.

Article Credit: Thisday Newspaper

Updated 6 Years ago

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