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Glo’s Prof. Johnbull focuses on whistle-blowing

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This week’s episode of the situation comedy, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by Globacom, dwells on the essentials of the anti- corruption crusade of whistle-blowing. The message is that the campaign should be regarded as noble and patriotic means of recovering looted funds and not a profit making venture.

In the episode entitled, Trumpet Blowers, the lead character in the series, Professor Johnbull, acted by Kanayo O. Kanayo, cautions would-be whistle-blowers to be mindful of the information they pass on to the authorities as wrong information or deliberate falsehood attracts punishment from the law.

The episode aptly defines what whistle-blowing is all about, while also drawing attention to the scenario that a politician or a government official lives a comfortable lifestyle does not necessarily mean that such a fellow has helped himself to the public treasury. The episode also shows that not every ‘Ghana-Must-Go’ bag contains looted funds.

Other issues addressed by Trumpet Blowers include if whistle-blowing should be an avenue to tell lie? Should the crusade be used as an avenue to shoot down perceived political enemies? Is there any correlation between the physical size of a person and his or her well-being? What are the consequences of raising the false alarm?

Professor Johnbull’s submission is as instructive as it is didactic. “Be discerning and blow whistle with genuine interest,” he said.


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