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Gbenga Adeyinka goes Gbamu Gbamu

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Gbenga Adeyinka goes Gbamu Gbamu



WHO would have thought many years ago that Gbenga Adeyinka would join the league of top rated Nigerian comedians? In fact, when he appeared on the scene, stand up comedy was dominated by the likes of Ali Baba, Okey Bakassi and others.

Determined to launch into the mainstream of comedy business, the Comedian of the Federal Republic (CFR), as he’s popularly known, got involved in different segments of TV programmes.

However, Adeyinka’s passable understanding of the two other major Nigerian languages — Hausa, Igbo, aside his native Yoruba — and a working knowledge of three other international languages, which he blended with English, gave him an edge.

Recently, the comedian launched his latest TV programme, Gbamu Gbamu, with the aim to change the face of the Yoruba TV programming.

The show, which debuted on Mnet's Africa Magic recently, has a blend of almost everything that makes up entertainment, though in Yoruba language.

Apart from his new TV programme, the humour merchant will be staging his festival of comedy tagged Laffmattazz with Gbenga Adeyinka 1st and Friends today. Billed to hold at the Jogor Centre, Ibadan, the gig will feature comedians such as Alibaba, Gandoki, Tee A, Owen Gee, Omobaba and others, while the likes of 9ice, Ruggedman, Olamide, Wale Waves and Konga will be thrilling the audience with bests of their recordings.
“It’s a two show comedy festival that would shake Ibadan. We are staging the show in Ibadan, simply as a payback, because I believe comedy started from Ibadan on BCOS many years ago.”

So, what’s Gbamu Gbamu?

“You just have to watch it to understand what it is all about, but I can tell you that you wouldn't want to miss the next episode. We’ve shot several episodes and we are still shooting.”
According to the comedian, the programme is targeted at revisiting and bringing the slapsticks of Baba Sala, Ajimajasan and others, to the worldview in a more
contemporary form.

He says, “we want it in a way that would appeal to all class, but after research and conceptualising, we found out that we have achieved more than we had set out to do initially. However, Gbamu Gbamu is strictly a Yoruba-oriented talkshow aimed at Nigerians, who understand the language and non-Nigerians or individuals, who
like the Yoruba culture.”

AS the ‘Comedian of the Federal Republic,’ it is expected that Adeyinka will come up with a TV show that is of national spread rather than a tribal show?

His reaction is fascinating:

“Though, I'm a ‘Comedian of the Federal Republic’, it should be noted that I'm first and foremost a Nigerian and one from the Yoruba race. I'm the most indigenous comedian of the Federal Republic and I don't shy away from where I come from. I got fascinated to comedy during my younger days in Ibadan, where I lived and used to watch Baba Sala, Ajimajasan, Jagua and others. Now that I have an opportunity to showcase what I believe in, I won't leave any chance in doing that,” he says.

APPEALING to all audience and bringing the moralities, fun and expectants of what television content should be, most especially in Yoruba, also form part of the objectives of the programme, which shows on M-net’s Africa Magic every Sunday from 6:30 to 7pm.
With the coming of the new programmme, what’ would be the fate of Laffmattazz?
“Laffmattazz is one of our products in laughter Incorporated, where the brand Gbenga Adeyinka 1st dwells. As a matter of fact, it is the name of our comic magazine; Laffmattazz Magazine and we also have Laffmattazz with Gbenga Adeyinka 1st and friends. It still remains intact and it is one of our products.”

As for the magazine, “it is doing fine and we can't but thank God. You see; we have different activities in Laughter Incorporated; we have different heads and different staff, but they all report to me, who in turn makes the final decision.”

Gbenga Adeyinka’s success in the comedy business has been attributed to his relationship with Nigerian Breweries (NB) Plc; a platform that gave him anchor role for almost every event that the Star brand does. From Star Mega Jam to Star Quest, Star Trek and Star Game Show, Adeyinka has become a household name in the industry.

“Well, my relationship with Star lager beer brand remains one of the most benefitting brand-ambassador relationship I've had in my career. Star, like I tell people, has been dedicated to me for over five years and I've also in return been dedicated to the brand. It remains one of the most efficient and consumer caring brand in the country. It has one of the biggest concerts in the country, Star Mega Jam, as well as Star Trek, not forgetting the Star Quest that has produced acts such as KC-Presh, The Beats, Pulse and other musical groups. The brand has also given so much to the Nigerian music and entertainment industry as a whole. I can talk on and on about the brand. I'm always happy and ever ready to promote and associate with Star anytime, anywhere.”

FOR now, working for competition brand seems to be totally out of the comedian’s plan.
“As I said earlier, this brand has been faithful and dedicated to my career, so I would remain loyal and committed to the brand that has been faithful and dedicated to me until the brand is tired of being my brand. I would remain loyal to the brand till I'm no longer needed.”
Have you ever been tempted to take jobs from other competitors?

“Before my relationship with Star began, I tried a couple of competing brands, but I wasn't given a chance let alone granted audience. But after my relationship with Star began and started blossoming, offers began to come, but I simply told them outright –– without thinking twice –– that I would remain with my Star through thick and thin. As an entertainer, you have friends and you meet with a lot of people, who appreciate what you do. But as much as I do that, I don't forget that I have a brand that has been faithful, so, I mind my ways. My relationship with my Star is like something I can't explain; it's more than an ambassador and brand, it's an unusual bond.”
Working with such brand as Star comes with lots of lessons, which Adeyinka considers vital.

“I've learnt new things since the beginning of the relationship, but one major lesson is that when you are with a brand, always remember that it is a two way thing and that means, if you are loyal and remain faithful to the brand, the brand would continuously be faithful and loyal to you.”

Though he encountered numerous challenges in his quest for success in the business, finding the big break remains one of the toughest times for the comedian.

“My biggest challenge was trying to find my feet in the industry, but that was not to become a challenge as I found out that being myself and being faithful to the art remains the key to success. For now, I think my biggest challenge is how to conquer the world and remain as humble as God wants. I want to maintain my life and ways without changing anything aside from fulfilling God's wish and mission for me.”

GBENGA belongs to the group of individuals, who have no space for regrets.
“No! I'm not one of those that have regrets. But if you say something that I did recently, which I am ashamed of, that would be when a close friend misled me into misinforming the public and my fans on social networking sites on the state of health of a top Nigerian dignitary and it pained me a lot.” - Nigerian news, entertainment news, nollywood, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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