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Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

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This Barrister was dapper well before acquiring his law degree and is known for melting female hearts and earning the love of male fans. He is the quintessential Mr. Nollywood and the market for elegant masculinity in the early days of the Nigerian movie Industry.


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Name: Richard Evans Eyimofe Damijo

Stage or Nickname: Richard Mofe-Damijo or RMD

Date of Birth: July 15th, 1961

Relationship Status: Married

Height: 6'2

Occupation: Actor

Net Worth:  N1.1 Billion ($3.17million)



Richard Mofe Damijo (alias RMD) is a Nigerian actor and politician. He is one of the leading men of Nollywood especially in its early days and remains an A-List celebrity in Nigeria.

In 2005 he won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. In politics he has been a Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in his home state, Delta.

He is a trained Actor, a Lawyer by education and an eminent Nigerian.


Richard Evans Eyimofe Damijo was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is one of 18 Children born into a polygamous family, he was however the only child of his mother. He attended Midwest College, Warri and Anglican Grammar School near Sapele. In school he was a member of the Drama Club and also engaged in martial arts. He gained admission into the University of Benin and continued his education in Theatre Arts. 

He would go on to do odd jobs, working as a clerk as well as a writer and journalist.

At a time he worked with his late wife May Ellen Ezekiel, as she founded Classique magazine, he would later, move on from Classique and publish Mister Magazine, which is now defunct.

In 1997, after he had emerged as an actor on the national stage Richard Mofe-Damijo returned to school, this time to the University of Lagos as a student of law. He graduated with a law degree in 2004.



In primary school, he acted in the school dramas and also continued in secondary school. It is said that he played both male and female roles and his talent was evident from day one.

He would continue with acting into the University, studying Theatre Arts and participating in the school theatre from year 1. In 1982, as a University student, he starred as Emeka in “Echoes of Wrath”, a made-for-TV film which won the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) National Annual Drama Competition, and was syndicated to all NTA stations, giving him national exposure and a taste of relative celebrity. As a student, he had acted in several stage productions and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre in 1983.

After graduating from the University of Benin he worked with Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine as a reporter.He stayed there a short while and wrote a film called Out of Bounds. In the 1980’s he played a minor role in the TV Soap Opera Ripples. 

His breakthrough however can be credited to his potrayal playboy Segun Kadiri in the popular series 'Check Mate' a leading show in the early 90s.

From 1995-2004, he had acted in over 30 films and starred in  many stage plays, he even  performed on the London stage in a Nigerian adaptation of Macbeth.

In 2005 at the maiden edition of the African Movie Academy Awards he won as the Best Actor in a Leading Role.

He has starred in many leading roles along side the best of Nollywood. His long list of credits include, Private Sin (with Stephanie Okereke), Emotional Pain, and Love (with Geneview Nnaji).



Richard Mofe-Damijo is not a full fledge politician, but he was appointed Commission for Culture and Tourism in his home state of Delta in January 2009. He served for 2 tenures, a rare feet for even seasoned politicians.



Richard Mofe-Damijo has a son Oghenekome Mofe-Damijo (Kome) who he had out of wedlock with Mrs. Esther Etinaebedia. In December 2013 Kome (then 29years old) married Eniola Abiodun, to the cheer of his father, his mother and step mother, as well as many of RMD’s Nollywood comrades and captains of society including the then Governor of Delta State – Emmanuel Uduaghan  and flassy Billionaire Ayiri Emami.

In March, 2015 he became a grandfather as his Son Kome and wife Eniola gave birth to a son.

Richard was married to the late May Ellen Ezekiel (MEE), a popular Nigerian journalist and host of the popular talk show ‘MEE & You’. She passed away on March 23, 1996. In December 2000 Richard married again, this time to Jumoke Adegbesan a former presenter of the popular afternoon show ‘Lunch Break‘ at Africa Independent Television (AIT). He has 4 Children with Jumoke, for a grand total of 5.



He is a brand Ambassador for Glo (A Nigerian Telecommunications Giant, legally known as Globacom Ltd).

He remains active in the Nigerian movie industry on a reduced scale.

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