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Ruba Ama: Kedu bu onu okwu izizi anyi tinyere na Nkowa Okwu Igbo'a maka na anyi were olili anya ka Nkowa Okwu rute gi na obi. 

Note: Kedu is the 1st word entered into this Igbo dictionary because we hope that this dictionary meets you well.


Pronounciation: English (Keh-du) {} Igbo (Ke-du)



1. A formal greeting asking how you are.

2. A question as to the progress of an activity or event.

3. General question of "how" in relation to an additional qualifier.


1. Kedu? (How are you?)

2. Nwanne Kedu (Brother/Sister how are you?)

3. Kedu k'isi je obodo na Covid adi? (How did you go to the village in the middle of Covid?)

4. Kedu onye na aku aka n'uno mu ka onye ara? (Who is knocking on my door like a mad man?)




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