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Wallnet Business Services Limited, Enugu

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Wallnet Business Services Limited is a Nigeria based multidisciplinary business development firm that is committed to assisting foreign firms in their market expansion drive into Nigeria. Our deep understanding of the Nigeria market place serves as an accelerator to our clients' sales expansion projects. With a network of experienced consultants, professionals and associates who are experts with practical business experiences in their various fields, we are well equipped to deal with your Nigeria market entry. Our sound understanding of the culture and the language of this interesting market ensures that your products and services are offered to the market in the most appropriate way.

We have established vast contacts in both the governmental as well as the non-governmental sectors of the Nigeria economy.

Typically we work in various sectors which include but not limited to the following sectors.

  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Finance
  • Mining and solid minerals
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemica
  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage
  • Agro-industrial machinery and chemical
  • Management consulting
  • ICT
  • Pharmaceuticals, health and beauty



At Wallnet Business Services Limited, We endeavor to keep our clients at the centre of our efforts by providing tailor made services to them. The following services are designed to support your business interests in growing the Nigeria market for your products and services.  Wallnet provides a full series of professional services designed to provide the level of support and alignment most appropriate for your business at this time, and within your current business objectives. 

Nigeria Market Review

The Nigeria Market Review is designed to maximize client understanding of the general conditions of the market in a certain industry or product niche category. The Nigeria Market Review is best used by companies exploring entry to the Nigeria market, and want confirmation of their business thinking. Specific deliverables for this program include:

  • Current Industry Conditions
  • Market Intelligence:Qualifying Expert Feedback on Your Business Concept
    • Market Size (sales, number of companies, number of employees)
    • Market Growth
    • Largest Competitors
    • Geographic Concentration
Nigeria Market Entry Program

The Nigeria Market Entry Program is designed to help you establish a presence in Nigeria through positioning and marketing material.  Whether your goal is to generate direct sales, build a team of sales agents to represent you, or identify new distributor partners, this program delivers. The Nigeria Market Entry Program is best used by companies interested in actively participating in growing a Nigeria market presence and leveraging the Nigeria entry that this program establishes.  Specific deliverables for this program include:

  • Nigeria Market Review
  • Key Positioning Statement
  • Press Release & Distribution
  • Sales Literature (Printed)
  • Advertising Creation
Nigeria Market Sales Agency

Many firms entering the Nigeria market want to establish a Nigerian office to enhance their position and support locally.  The Nigeria Market Sales Agency provides this ability and includes the following:

  • Nigeria Market Entry Program
  • Company contact information in Nigeria (phone, fax, postal address, etc.)
  • An office to receive sales orders and inquires
  • An office to execute out-bound marketing (telemarketing, direct mail, etc.) sales efforts
  • Distribution and warehouse management support
  • Pricing model for Nigeria market, including channel pricing
Nigeria Market Management

Some firms want full support in managing their Nigeria sales and market process.  The Nigeria Market management service adds significant and full management to the Nigeria sales and marketing management process.  Services include the following:

  • Nigeria Market Sales Agency
  • Nigeria Market Business and Marketing Plan
  • Nigeria Trade show selection, preparation and participation
  • Full Management of product line, sales and distribution
Nigeria Market Development Partnership

Under certain conditions, Wallnet Business Services Limited enters into partnerships on an equity basis with product suppliers through our Representative Practice Division to cooperatively develop the brand and manage the sales process.  Opportunities under this model are selective, and generally follow the same process as the Nigeria Market Management, but with equity involvement from Wallnet Business Services Limited.

Nigeria Market Partner Search

Firms that want to identify a Nigeria partner (investment, operations, distribution, etc.) can utilize the Nigeria Market Partner Search.  Calling on an extensive network of industry and functional experts, Wallnet Business Services Limited conducts personal interviews and delivers a database to clients with details of the professional search process and introductions that maximizes success in finding the best partner for its client.

Nigeria Market Research

Wallnet Business Services Limited delivers customized market research for those firms wanting in-depth intelligence about the Nigeria market.  Customized research can include both primary and secondary data based on multiple sources of information, key industry decision-makers, trade associates, financial statistics, etc.

Procurement Services

We offer procurement services in collaboration with our multinational procurement partners. Whether you are interested in procurement of any finished products or raw materials from Nigeria or a Nigerian firm interested in procurement of any products or services from any part of the globe, we are here to assist you. Our procurement partners have a track record in locating difficult to source products and services worldwide.

Phone +2347065466035
Address Suit 02, House Number 2, Benin Street, Federal Housing Estate, Trans Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria


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