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The Bridge Clinic, Kaduna

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The Bridge Clinic was set up in 1999 in collaboration with a team of consultants from Kings College Hospital with the sole objective of providing Nigerians with the same standard of fertility services available to them in the United Kingdom. To assure the fulfilment of this obligation and reproducibility of these results, we decided to benchmark our infrastructure with international standards. 

Initially our treatment programs were managed by the team from the United Kingdom who travelled to Nigeria to treat our clients in batches while concomitantly training some staff members at the prestigious Kings College Hospital. By April 2001, a fully trained Nigerian team was in place to carry out the responsibilities of anchoring treatment. Since then our program has been carried out by them with the team from Kings College Hospital visiting regularly to assure the quality of treatment we provide while transferring knowledge of new and emerging technological advances in assisted conception technology. The team from Kings College Hospital also audits the activities of the clinic on a regular basis. 

In spite of our appreciation of the benefits of hands-on training, we have recognized the need for and kept our team of Fertility specialists and Embryologists abreast with this rapidly advancing health care field. 

In recognition of the pertinent need to assure the quality of services we provide to our clients, we implemented a Quality Management System following the award of the Quality Management Certificate by TUV Austria in 2004; ahead of most clinics in the United Kingdom. Our intention is to keep our pregnancy rates within the top 10% available in the United Kingdom. 



The Bridge Clinics Board is currently chaired by Chief (Dr.) Oluyomi Abayomi Finnih, a distinguished Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Chairman and Chief Medical Director of Finnih Medical Centre. A former President of the Society of Gynaecologists and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON), a fellowship member of numerous professional bodies both nationally and internationally. 

Other members of the board are;

  • Chief Gaffar Kayode Animashaun; LLB London, Barrister of Middle Temple and Member of the Nigerian bar Association. He is the principal partner in his own law firm located in Western House, Central Lagos and serves on the board of numerous companies.
  • Dr. Fredrick Baptist Adeniyi Coker; a reputable Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, who retired following a long standing service with the Island maternity Hospital as Chief Gynaecologist. He is currently the Chairman of the Victoria Island Consultancy and Hospital Services (VICHS) Ltd. with wide interests and reach as he serves on the board of numerous companies.
  • Mr. Biodun Dabiri; Chartered Financial Analyst, Executive Director of Sterling Capital and Chairman of Radix Consulting. He has occupied various strategic positions in prestigious organisations such Deloitte, Haskins & Sells (CA), as an Assisted General Manager in NAL Merchant Bank, and he established Capital Consortium Ltd, an asset management company which is a major player in the Nigerian Capital Market.
  • Dr. Pamela I. Jackson-Ajayi; a medical doctor who following years in private practice sought and conquered the challenge of working in the banking sector. She received many awards and was instrumental in introducing international systems in the United Bank of Africa (UBA). She is currently the Managing Director of Pathcare, in collaboration with the parent company in South Africa, the first ISO certified (ISO 15189) medical laboratory in Nigeria.
  • Dr. Richardson Adedayo Ajayi; the Managing Director of The Bridge Clinic, is a renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, an alumnus of the prestigious Kings College Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry who following several years of practice in the United Kingdom was conferred with a fellowship from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Upon his return to Nigeria, he worked as the Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Ajayi Memorial Hospital before he set up The Bridge Clinic.

    Vision Statement 

    Our vision at The Bridge Clinic is to be the benchmark for reproductive health care services. 

    Mission Statement 

    For couples with infertility who wish to achieve a pregnancy, we will be the first choice, because we can be trusted to provide them with their best chance of a pregnancy. 

    Core Values 

  • Excellence: We strive to out-perform the market in every aspect of daily work life, setting the highest standards in treatments, patient care and service.
  • Caring: Working within what can be a delicate and sensitive industry, we endeavour to make patients as comfortable and at ease as possible, understanding their needs, responding to their concerns and offering the highest level of personal service with attentive and compassionate staff.
  • Conscientious: Whilst striving to deliver optimum commercial results, The Bridge Clinic understands its responsibilities within the community and society as a whole, and we undertake numerous CSR initiatives to give opportunities for the less fortunate to receive both treatment and employment prospects.
  • Honesty: In all facets of the business, we are open and honest with our patients at all times, providing the maximum amount of information available. This allows them to make informed decisions and receive the best possible type of treatment for their individual needs, whilst at the same time managing their expectations.
  • Safety: Operating in a highly technical industry, we pride ourselves on attention to detail with regards to safety and reliability, prioritising the wellbeing of patients and staff at all times and going above and beyond to ensure the application of the most stringent safety standards.

    Dr. Richard A. Ajayi
    The vision to set up The Bridge Clinic was born when I was a young doctor working in the United Kingdom. I witnessed the difficulties experienced by Nigerian couples traveling to the United Kingdom for fertility treatment and became convinced of the need to set up such a clinic in Nigeria. 

    It was very important that the clinic was of a sufficient standard to reassure couples that they were getting the same standard of care as was available in the United Kingdom. 

    We set up in collaboration with a team of consultants from the Assisted Conception Unit of the Kings College Hospital, London with the intention of providing world class services. However in recognition of the lack of regulation of IVF services in Nigeria, we decided to benchmark our services with the standards laid down by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority although we are neither licensed nor regulated by them. Accordingly, we run a quality management system in keeping with ISO standards by which we are audited annually by TUV Austria. 

    We have been serving Nigerian couples since 1999 and with the birth of over 1,000 babies following treatment at our clinic, we have the required experience to meet your needs. 



    More than a thousand babies have been born as a result of treatment at The Bridge Clinic. 

    Endorsement by our clients 
    More than 95% of our clients surveyed are satisfied with the quality of care they are receiving from us. 

    Honesty & Transparency 
    It is our objective at The Bridge Clinic to provide you with honest and balanced information to allow you make the right decisions as regards your treatment options. 

    Quality Management System 
    Our objective is to assure the quality of service that we deliver to you and we achieve this by implementing a quality management system. 

    Modern Facilities 
    All clients that come to The Bridge Clinic have the same requirements. This allows us to offer standardized care. All our doctors provide the same quality of services; you therefore do not have the need of seeing a particular doctor. 

    With more than 10 years experience, The Bridge Clinic is Nigeria's first focused IVF clinic and we have treated well over 4500 clients from inception. 

    Standardisation of Care and Operational Focus 
    The Bridge Clinic is operationally focused in the management of infertility and all clients that come to The Bridge Clinic have the same diagnosis and this allows us to standardize care and all clients receive the same level of care irrespective of the doctor that is attending to them. 

    Endorsement by our Peers 
    The Bridge Clinic has been recognized as a leader in the provision of fertility services in Nigeria and our director, Dr Richard Ajayi has been a recipient of many awards including the Guild of Medical Directors' Award for Excellence in Medicine, and the Society for Gynaecologists and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON) distinguished Service Award in recognition of outstanding contribution in Clinical Service Delivery and towards the promotion of Maternal Health in Nigeria, including a Letter of Commendation for 1st ICSI babies in Nigeria from the Lagos State Ministry of Health. 

    Ethics Committee 
    We recognize the need to meet the regulations in delivery of fertility services and in the absence of a regulatory authority in Nigeria, The Bridge Clinic took the bold step of setting up an Ethics Committee who independently advise us on the difficult, moral and ethical issues such as the use of donor gamete and surrogacy cases. 

    HFEA Benchmarking 
    The Bridge Clinic operates as if it is a clinic licensed by Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority (HFEA) and the quality of service is the same as that expected if they traveled to the United Kingdom. 


    Phone +234(0)07036092675, 07036094791
    Address 26, Kinshasa road, Ungwar Rimi, GRA kaduna North, Kaduna, Nigeria


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