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SIMS Nigeria Limited, Kano

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At SIMS Nigeria Limited, we specialize in the distribution and sales of electronic products from major brands such as SAMSUNG, ROYAL, PARSUN and POWERMATIC.

Our business started out in 1987 and since then we have succeeded in carving a niche for ourselves in the home appliances market in Nigeria. We operate a number of branches that cut across most of Nigeria’s geopolitical zones; in major cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Enugu, Kano and Abuja.

Our longstanding reputation has earned us a status as Nigeria’s lead player in the electronics industry and as a result, we decided to go further by partnering with SAMSUNG to establish a local manufacturing line for its air conditioners and refrigerators in 2004. This, coupled with our state-of-the-art service centre that caters to consumers who buy our products, ensures that our customers enjoy the best quality of service from us and the best performance possible from their electronics.


To provide quality electronics and after-sales service at affordable costs to buyers of our products throughout Nigeria.

To provide innovative and durable products which positively contribute to the lifestyle and comfort of our customers in their various homes and offices.

Corporate Strategy:

Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of our business and important for our continued corporate growth.  This is why we place a great emphasis on ensuring our customers’ needs are met regardless of whether they are individuals or corporate organizations.  This approach ensures that we remain a vendor of choice for buyers of electronic products at wholesale and retail channels.

Corporate Management:

Our hiring practices focus on recruiting well trained personnel with experience and a passion for excellent service delivery in various aspects of the electronics industry. This means that whether customers are dealing with our store managers or senior management staff, they are assured of the same attention to detail and customer-oriented service rarely available elsewhere.

This approach drives our dominance in the industry and powers our growth across the country, resulting in guaranteed earnings for our shareholders, satisfaction for our customers and the respect of our suppliers who have come to rely on us as valuable partners in their plans for market expansion in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa.

We also determine what customers want and relay this information to manufacturers who promptly respond by developing products that reflect consumer wants as well as their values.


Sales & Promotions:

SIMS Nigeria Limited is a prominent client of Nigerian media houses, devoting a substantial portion of our revenue to engage in promotions and advertisements in both electronic and print media. This sales strategy has resulted in significant brand recognition for our partners in the Nigerian market and continued patronage from customers throughout the country who identify with our marketing efforts in the media.

While advertising is an integral aspect of our sales and marketing strategy, a complete breakdown of the methods we use for promoting our range of products is listed thus:

(a) Direct Marketing:  Our sales team is made up of professionals who market products directly to end-clients and consumers.

(b) Advertising:  We advertise products through Nigeria-focused newspapers and magazines, and outdoor advertising platform such as billboards of varying sizes in strategic locations across the country to generate buzz and in turn sales; and broadcast media, television and radio stations in the country to achieve the same end result.

(c)  Sales Promotions: We engage in sales promotions; participating in trade fairs, exhibitions and distribution of marketing merchandise during holiday seasons. These promotional items include free t-shirts, face caps and so on.

(d) Public Relations: Our brands benefit immensely from our efforts in public relations which may involve the sponsoring of events, sports tournaments or popular causes which result in the association of our brand and those of our partners with positive values appreciated by the Nigerian society.

Distribution Strategy:

We employ various distribution strategies, channels and methods to get our products in the hands of our customers and clients across the country:

  1. Road distribution channels: We employ the use of a fleet of trucks to convey products to various wholesale and retail destinations across Nigeria.
  1. Warehousing: In order to ensure that we can meet market demand at all times, we stock a wide range of electronic products at strategic warehouses in the country to ensure product availability at all times.
  1. Franchising: We work with various franchisees that market our products, maintain our customer-oriented standards and expand the market share of the products we deal in locally. Some of the company product such as fridges and air conditions are franchised to relation outlets in different parts of the county.


Phone 07051093289
Address 43 Ibrahim Taiwo Road Kano


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