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Red Media

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Red Media is a leading marketing and corporate communication company that is subsidiary of the Red Media Group.

We provide full-service communication solutions with a focus on Public Relations, New Media, Youth Marketing, Project Management and Street Activations.

Our advantages include an integrated marketing communication mix that gives clients access to premium content and platforms, a wide network of partners, a well of goodwill across and a knowledge-based approach to providing tailor-made services. We are also one of a very small cadre of agencies that are able to effectively and knowledgeably straddle the Traditional and New Media, thereby giving clients research and experience-based advice on where best to spend monies to achieve targeted results.

The company’s heritage over the past six years covers communication services for clients across a wide spectrum including Government, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Technology, Development, Social Services, Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Education, and Personalities.

Red Media stands at the cusp of a new direction for media businesses for two reasons: first, we are headlining a new model that combines a strong marketing communication business with media content ownership, and in a new media space defined by ubiquitous new/digital media platforms, we are one of a very small community that has deep experience with both traditional media and new media and understand how brands should integrate both spaces.

Our client base is an elite list of corporate and personas for whom we constantly offer premium and cutting edge services through our well known low-maintenance; no-drama focus on our client’s bottom-line.

Red Media is the flagship of the Red Media Group – a network of premium media companies including Y! (www.ynaija.com_) with a prominent development affiliate called The Future Project, owners of The Future Awards (www.thefuturenigeria)


This is our Vision
To be the prime choice in Africa for full-service content, communication and development solutions.

It is driven by a Mission
To excite clients, partners and end-users with content and communication solutions that are outcome oriented and capacity enhancing. We are also invested in building a team driven by thought leaders who are fulfilled, motivated and always at the cutting edge.



WE ARE leading a new model that combines a strong marketing communications business with media content ownership. Because we own premium media channels and platforms (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Online) and are insiders in the media-owner space as well, we are able to give you knowledge-based advice that is practical.

IN A new media space defined by ubiquitous new/digital media platforms, we are one of a very small community that has deep experience with both traditional media and new media and understand how brands should integrate both. Because we understand both traditional media principles/strategies and new media tools perfectly, we are just the right company to help you make the best of both worlds.

WE ALWAYS start from the Big Idea, and then adapt to both New and Traditional Media. Unlike other Digital or New Media firms that only give you access to platforms like Yahoo! Or Google, we adapt your message to suit each platform. We not only understand how to access the premium websites or networks, we are also experts into adapting them into lifestyle and trends and ultimately buying decisions.

BECAUSE WE are deeply experienced in both areas, we do not owe allegiance to any particular medium and have no interest in forcing you to use any particular medium: our only allegiance is to the client. What we do tell you where best to spend money for different campaigns and markets – when to go digital and when to go traditional, and how to do both in the most cost-effective way.

OUR EXPERTISE penetrating the Nigerian youth market is unmatched. We have an unrivaled understanding of trends and lifestyles of young Nigerians both through the media and through street activations and direct marketing that will immediately integrate or sustain your brand in the mainstream.



And guided by an Ethical Statement
Before we get to work, we ask ourselves:

i. Is this beneficial to our client, partner or end-user?

ii. Is it consistent with best practice?

iii. Will it lead to a positive relationship with relevant stakeholders?



Because of our vast experience and resource network, we offer a wide range of service competencies:

  • Advertising: We are able to conceptualise and execute cutting edge marketing campaigns for brands and organisations based on a cultivated understanding of their brand essence, and a tailor-made application of that essence in a cost-effective end-user oriented fashion.
  • Media Planning/Buying: We make sure to give clients maximum media exposure with maximum effect and the most functional budget.
  • Guest List/Database Services: We have access to all kinds of databases, especially to reach young Nigerians. This is useful for events, programmes, competitions, opportunities, parties, promotions etc.
  • Original Content: As our own platforms have shown, we are able to help brands create and develop original ideas that will connect with their audiences, and we also help clients develop content and ideas that brands/organisations will be willing to invest in. As an Ideas Think Tank, we help create specific events/ideas to suit your brand and that can piggyback your communication strategies.
  • TV and Radio Programming/Production: From concept to production, our experience ranges from talk shows to reality shows, entertainment shows to industry programming.
  • Information Technology: Through our strong Digital Subsidiary, we are able to provide the full range of digital and design solutions and to integrate them for your benefit.
  • Crisis Communication: With experience honed in extreme crisis situations over the years, including crucial months working with the beleaguered Virgin Nigeria brand, we are able to step in to diffuse tension, deflect attention and manage relationships with the media, whether in the interim or long term.
  • Youth Resource: If it’s got to do with young people, just ask, and we’ll get the right person/skill set: tested, trusted and still bursting with zest. Whatever you want to do with young people, we can set it up from start to finish.
  • Trend Management/Cool Hunting: We not only observe market trends and apply that knowledge for the benefit of clients, but we have mastered the art of dictating trends to suit various brands. Trend management goes beyond slapping the faces of celebrities on a brand: these days, that is not enough to make your brand cool! The result is that many brands spend huge monies without any result. We have mastered the art of dictating and setting trends, and making brands and ideas cool and ‘trendy’ (outdated word!), almost overnight.
  • Awards Consultancy: Having delivered The Future Awards, one of the country’s Top 5 awards, for more than five years successfully, clients setting up award brands are able to take advantage of our expertise in every aspect of setting up a credible award and sustaining it.
  • Brand Management/Support: We add an extra twang that mixes extreme creativity with functionality.
  • Event Organisation/Management: Planning your event bottom up, we are able to deliver premium coordination that is budget effective. Our preference/core expertise however is Corporate Events.
  • Event Back Up: This is a customised market product for the client that wants to organise the event by itself, but needs an organisation to supervise, stepping in with and crucial alternatives/Plan Bs.
  • Editorial Consultancy: We have a deep background in journalism; contributing, editing and publishing for a whole range of national and international newspapers and magazines, and thus have become experts when it comes to content, editing publishing, packaging and presenting of new magazines and newspapers. We also know how to develop content that will attract target markets, especially young people, to your newspaper or magazine.
    • Creative Hub: Our Creative Hub is an ideas-driven Marketing and Brand Communication aspect of our business that involves the entire gamut from copy to design to production. Clients take advantage of our A-team of consultants with years of experience in the marketing communication and advertising business driving cutting edge creatives and deployments.

Phone +234 802 706 4260, +234 1 454 1441
Address 14, Shofidiya Street, Off Adegoke Street, Masha, Surulere, Lagos


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