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Pro-Vision Media Systems

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We are a Lagos based company, offering the first of it's kind in scrolling 
Mobile Billboard vehicles ever to be seen in Nigeria. Our Aim is to provide 
Nigeria’s Blue chip companies with a creative solution to break through today's media clutter. Pro-Vision Media Systems Limited aims to provide clients with a high impact, geographically targeted, “In Your Face” advertising message that generate instant results.

Our advertising vehicles can be used for branding, new product rollout, grand opening, event and guerilla marketing opportunities.


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Mobile Show Room
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Mobile Media 
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Welcome to the future of out of home mobile advertising. Introducing the revolutionary Pro-Vision Media systems Advertising Vehicle; a state of the art media vehicle that brings increased visibility and versatility to the world of outdoor advertising and event marketing.

Able to display multiple scrolling billboards by day and night, this revolutionary vehicle also boasts a mobile showroom ideal for live product displays and its own FM radio transmitter able to broadcast promotional messages to passing motorist. With increased exposures offered by custom branded vehicle wraps, an external PA sound system and the ability to sample products directly from the vehicle, you have the most unique mobile marketing vehicles on the road today.

How does it Work? 

Picture This..........

You're at a football game or watching your favorite team on TV, then your eyes notices a sign behind the goal post scrolling from one advert to another. Now imagine taking that innovation and getting it to work on a mobile Platform. At Pro-Vision Media Systems, that is exactly what we are offering. We are giving your company the chance to take your product directly to your clients where ever they may be. The System consist of 24 Billboards, 8 (6*10) to the right, 8 (6*10) to the left and 8 (6*6) billboards at the rear side of the truck.

key reasearch facts

98% of respondents felt mobile graphics build brand recognition and created a positive brand image. ( perception research services)

Mobile billboard displays boost name recognition 15 times greater than other form of advertising.

96% of respondents noticed the words and picture displayed on the mobile scrolling bill board trucks.

91% of consumers say that they notice and recall advertising messages on the mobile scrolling billboard truck.

96% of respondents felt mobile graphics add more impact than stationary billboards.

Mobile scrolling billboard Truck captures heavy commuters: 50% of the heaviest commuters do not read newspapers, while 84% of super commuters don’t watch TV news either. ( the arbitron outdoor study)

89% said they would base a buying decision on the ads they see. 

75% surveyed say truck advertisements affect their buying habits.

Our Mobile scrolling billboard Truck (MSBT’s) can achieve 85% reach and 20X frequency. It is estimated that one MSBT can make over 2 million impressions per month when targeted to a DMA (designated marketing area) of more than 3 million people. (Simmons market research) 

The mobile scrolling billboard truck generates 50% increase in awareness (60% in target demographic) and it generates two and a half times more attention than a static billboard. (perception research services)

72% consumers in our research pool said that when they see an ad on the side of a truck, they think the company advertised is successful.
67% said that they believe the advertised product is bought and used by their neighbors.


Facts and Statistics about Mobile scrolling billboard Truck (MSBT) Advertising

These huge, street-level advertisements generate excellent exposure and high-impact impressions. Mobile outdoor advertising works very well for brand awareness and name recognition and as a complement to an existing media mix. This is a great way to reach hard to hit areas and/or huge geographic territories.

Our approach is to catch the attention of the target audience in seconds -Because the eye is a detector of motion, we give our device a fast motion perceived by the unconscious vision. In the meantime, an audible signal can be generated. Then we stabilize the pictures, thus enabling conscious observation of the information through the slow vision. The combination of both vision circuits increases the visibility by 400%.

Cost Advantages - The cost of Mobile Truck Side Advertising is lower than other Outdoor Mediums because it is cooperative in nature, compare the cost of Mobile Truck Side Advertising with newspapers, TV or static billboards and you will agree that there is no lower cost, more effective way to get your message to the masses. Provision Media Systems Mobile Scrolling Billboards Trucks (MSBT) are constantly on hundreds of streets and highways and in front of millions of people. The best part is that they can easily be seen by everyone, at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising mediums. It's all about Cost per Thousand (CPM): The number of people and the number of times they see your ad.


Phone 08087276559
Address 11 Aderibigbe-Shitta Street, Maryland Estate.


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