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National Stadium Abuja

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Abuja National Stadium is an all-seater national sports stadium located in Abuja, the rapidly developing Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. The stadium serves as a home to the Nigerian National Football Team, the Super Eagles, as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events. The Federal Government of Nigeria approved the contract for the construction of the National Stadium complex and Games Village on July 18, 2000. The stadium was constructed to host the 8th All Africa Games which took place in October 2003. The 60,491 seater ultra modern multipurpose sports complex has been tagged by manyas one of the greatest architectural landmarks in the city of Abuja.


The Abuja National Stadium main bowl is designed to accommodate 60,491 spectator seatscovered by a lightweight roof construction. The main characteristics are the two overlapping spectator tiers; the lower tier accommodating 32,000 seats and the upper tier 28,000 seats. The lower tier also incorporates 56 corporate suites with viewing terraces and one presidential lounge for 50 guests. All functional and secondary areas are accommodated in the entrance building which provides a gross floor area of approximately 25,000 m². This building is arranged below the concourse level which serves as the spectators‘ distribution level and therefore provides several kiosks, banks, first aid stations and toilet buildings. The structure of the stadium is a combination of insitu and precast concrete elements. There are 36 towers supporting the upper tier and the roof structure. These towers are founded on 140 bored piles with diameters of 1.30 m and 1.50 m in a depth of 8.00 m to 30.00 m. Precast concrete elements varying between 13 and 15 meters in length are placed between the towers, forming the spectator stands. A total of 6,300 precast elements were produced in the company’s production yard 15 kilometers away. The towers are connected on the top by a 2.50 m high and 2.00 m wide hollow concrete ring beam with a wall thickness of 0.35 m. The roof structure is fixed on 36 massive concrete points to the ring-beam. For the first time in the world, the ringbeam for this kind of roof structure was made of concrete. The roof structure itself is a cable construction with a weight of 800 tons carrying a 28.000 m² membrane.


All facilities within the stadium are designed and engineered in compliance with the requirements of international sport associations, particularly the Fédération Internationale de Football Association(FIFA) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The Stadium itself consists of:

§  60,491 capacity covered main bowl

§  Presidential suite and viewing Area

§  56 corporate suites

§  Modern turnstiles

§  Box office

§  Post offices

§  Banks

§  Media facilities

§  Two scoreboards and floodlights

§  Shops and kiosks for snacks

§  A standby power supply system

§  Helipad

§  3000 capacity indoor sports hall

§  2000 capacity gymnasi* 2000 capacity swimming pool

§  4000 vehicle capacity public parking lot

§  One artificial lake

§  3000 capacity hockey stadium

§  400 capacity VIP car park

§  Baseball and softball complex

The Abuja Stadium meets the requirements of the International safety standards; it is equipped with emergency service units, closed circuit security cameras as well as crowd control steel fencing. There are also stand-by fire fighting equipment and metal detectors which have been put in place to avoid any misfortunes.

Abuja National Stadium, Abuja - Nigeria


Address Independence Avenue, Kukwaba


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