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Ladybird Primary School, Lagos

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Ladybird Nursery/Primary School was founded on the 1st of August 1986 by Chief (Mrs) Maria Amahaotu.
The aim of the school is to provide the best possible basic education in accordance with the guidelines for 
Pre-primary and Primary schools as found in the Lagos State Ministry of Education's curriculum. 
The Ladybird N/P School is commited to the highest ethical standards based on integrity and respect.

We strive to ensure overall excellence, nurture and care of physical, intellectual, social and moral 
development of our students. Therefore, we use modern technologies, augmenting continously the quality 
and adequacy of our facilities and regularly updating our teaching methods to achieve these milestones.

In Ladybird every student is entitled to a curriculum rich and inspiring, which enables everyone of our 
children to fulfill his or her potential to the highest possible standard;
so that all, for the benefit of all, are able to shape their destinies and create a better world.

Our teachers are very experienced and dedicated. Together they provide excellent teaching 
and learning opportunities in a well resourced, caring environment. We at Ladybird will encourage 
your child to develop his/her highest potential and we will provide an excellent preparation for your child´s future.

Learning is exciting, learning is fun, learning is interesting. We want your child/children
-our students- to be happy because only a happy child has an open mind to learn all the exciting 
things and subjects taught in the school environment. This is why our school is bright, cheerful and
happy with an atmosphere that makes everyone welcome.

It goes without saying that all children are special and have specific as well as general needs. 
These needs are cared for in the form of individual programmes of work, the input of expertise and 
the provision of adequate resources, equipment and very experienced teachers and non-teaching staff. 
However, it is very vital that parents play a crucial role in helping and supporting the school with 
their child´s education i.e. Paying School fees and all other dues, as and when due, ensuring that 
your child has all the necessary equipment needed and monitoring home assignments.
Homework is a very important tool for assessing the child´s level of understanding taught topics. 

Our aims are:


To encourage a shared commitment to the success of the individual child.

To create an understanding and openness in home-school relationships.

To help parents develop a positive role in complementing and supporting the work of the school in educating your children




Phone 002341 (01) 804 3462
Website http://
Address Plot 252 Lanre Awolokun Road, Gbagada Phase II. Behind the Mobile Petrol Station, Lagos, Nigeria


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