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Esteem International School Abuja, Nigeria

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Esteem International School Abuja is a model Islamic nursery and primary school.

Esteem International School - Children Playing

Welcome to Esteem International School. As the name implies our fundamental goal is to build the personality of our pupils to have higher self esteem. This means the child should be well developed academically, morally, spiritually and physically and to those ends, Esteem International School is dedicated. We aim at giving the child the opportunity to experience a wholesome education.

Every child has a right to good education; therefore the years spent in formal education should acculturate the child to facing challenges, so that he or she develops strong character. Thus it is essential that we give our children high standards, commensurate with the challenges that today’s highly competitive society requires.

We have a conviction, informed by professional consensus in child psychology, that first good guidance is the foundation of education and the right of every child.    At Esteem International School, with the high moral values of Islam guiding us, the curriculum is designed and enriched to achieve the primary objective of developing the child’s potential multi-dimensionally: spiritually, morally, psychologically, intellectually, physically and socially.

Esteem International School - Teacher and Children

In Abuja, Muslim parents who want their children to have good Islamic foundation insist that the children spends additional hours in the classroom at the Islamiyya- typically from 3pm to 6pm, a journey, sometimes involving motor vehicle. Hence, the child is overstressed, which invariably has an adverse effect on the overall academic performance and may also affect his or her social attitudes.

Children under such a routine have little time for sports and homework and are likely to be too overdressed to appreciate parental counseling. Esteem International School, employing a holistic approach, not only gives appropriate attention to the core academic subjects, English, Science, and Mathematics, but by the time your child completes Primary six, he or she will be able to recite the entire Qur’an – insha Allah.

Consistent with the declaration of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW) that knowledge is the lost property of Muslims, Tawheed (the Absoluteness of God) informs the entire outlook and process. The child does not pass through school confused about contradictions between Islamic faith and modern Knowledge.  We are especially aware of the fact that science education, taught from a perspective of Tawheed, enriches faith, rather than destroy it.


Phone +2348033120830
Address Plot 98, Loma Mansa/Gwello Street, Zone 4, Wuse Abuja


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