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Who we are

The idea of establishing an NGO was conceived in 2000 and was to become operational by 2009. However, with the death of our elder brother on the 14th Nov 02 through a RTA and our mother on 7 Dec 02, the Easterbrook family decided to commence humanitarian work without further delay in memory and honour of their late mother and brother. The Foundation was issued her Certificate of registration on 1st June 2005. An orphanage was decided upon based on the number of abandoned babies and those children who have lost their parents and relatives could not cater to them due to lack of financial wherewithal. The establishment of HIV CT was decided upon after considering the ravages of the virus within the community and the need to contribute positively in fighting the pandemic.
The Foundation presently has a structure at No 90 Club Street, Sabon-gari, Zaria with 3 rooms dedicated for the conduct of CT (1 counseling/testing room, a reception and a waiting room). No 90 Club Street is centrally located in Sabon-gari and about half a kilometer from the Nigerian Army Deport, Zaria. The structure is connected to public utilities. A kitchen, Four bedroom and parlours are reserved for the orphanage. 
The HIV CT centre had been functional since July 2005 and had been screening/ counselling an average of 80 persons monthly since December 2006, those found to be positive are referred to the Government Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) for clinical management. We are the only organisation apart from ABUTH that provides free HIV CT in Zaria and immediate environs (Population >0.5m).




Objectives and Goals

The objectives for which the Foundation is established are :

1. To provide care, support, maintenance, and education for orphans or abadoned children, and to support projects related to such children.

2. To establish and operate Pre and Post HIV test Counselling, Supportive HIV/AIDS Counselling, Pre-marital and Marital Counselling, Counselling and rehabilitation of abused children and drugs abuse and any other destructive habits.

3. To bring physical and emotional healing to the abused children through love and care.

4. To promote, maintain and establish educational institutions such as nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, technical and commercial institutes, higher learning institutes and universities with the major objectives in these educational institutions to establish and strengthen candidates on a foundation that will empower them.

5. To establish and run medical Centres such as Dispensaries, pharmaceutical services, maternity clinics, hospitals and orphanages in both rural and urban areas.

6. To carry out such activities that would educate and protect the society from the scourge of HIV/AIDS and for the protection from stigmatisation of those living with the virus.

7. To receive donations, contributions, grants, offerings, loans, and money from individuals, organisations, Business Companies, Foundations, Charitable organisations, Missions, Churches, Ministries, Mosque, Non-Governmental Organisations, Governments, and International institutions in support of providing the services for which the Foundation is established

8. To have the rights of ownership and to possess, sponsor, sell, use, authorise, lease or issue property for daily running of the Foundation, and to to possess bor otherwise acquire land for Projects of the Foundation, including or undertake or carry on, whether alone or in co-operation with any person or body of persons, and business undertaken, transaction or operations of merchantile, industrial, vocational, medical, or educational and any other Social work in Nigeria and overseas, as it shall be deemed necessary.

9. To form and run a Trust Fund to be provided in the Deed establishing the Trust Fund to purposefully support all projects financially and materially.

10. To join, or affiliate, to any Charity Organisations, Non Profit Making Organisations and Non Governmental Organisations within the country and internationally for the purpose of achieving the goals of the Foundation.

11. To prvide financial aids, grants and/or donations to the needy, including sponsoring conferences, public meetings such as open-air meetings, seminars for the purposes of promoting good deeds in Nigeria and internationally.

12. To establish, own, operate, sponsor and deal in the projects of writers, publishers, printers, books distributors, sellers and owners of newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, pamphlets, calendars and such like purposefully to support all projects financially and materially.

13. To conduct advocacy for orhpaned and abadoned children, Persons living with HIV/AIDS and any other matter/issue for the general good of the society.

14. To establish, own and operate a Television NetworK, Newspapers, Newsletters, Radio call services, Radio broadcasting stations and studios to create awareness and to purposefully support all projects financially and materially.

15. To from and run a Media organisation and Aviation Services to be known as Easterbrook Media and Easterbrook Aviation respectively purposefully to support all projects financially and materially.



Phone +234 (69) 331449, +234 08037861338
Address 90, Club Street, Sabo Gari, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria


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