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A Trusted Maintenance Partner

Dietsmann is the Leading Independent Specialist of Operation and Maintenance for Oil, Gas, LNG and Power Plants leveraging over 35 years of accumulated know-how of plant and equipment, the evidence of which is its long term partnerships with many IOCs and NOCs.

As the largest independent provider of specialized operation and maintenance services, Dietsmann is also the leader in Maintenance Engineering and Inspection.

Asset owners can substantially improve plant efficiency when proper Maintenance Engineering is conducted. Proper Maintenance Engineering results in Efficient and Effective Operation and Maintenance. The result is that it works both ways: it substantially contributes to the bottom line by sustainable cost reductions and higher plant availability but also reduces the impact on the environment. It is a known fact that associated gas flaring is often a result of unscheduled and scheduled shutdowns. Dietsmann’s advanced predictive maintenance technology facilitates optimised maintenance planning, which helps to reduce unplanned and planned shutdowns and thus contribute substantially in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

As the largest independent and specialized Operation and Maintenance provider, Dietsmann is also the leader in Maintenance Engineering and Inspection. Asset owners who are committed to protecting the environment employ Dietsmann for plant maintenance.

We believe good maintenance leads to a safer and cleaner environment. Predictive and preventive maintenance techniques are applied to facilitate proper maintenance planning. To often bad or delayed maintenance has resulted in accidents and incidents, causing human suffering, environmental damage and destruction of capital. Effective and professional maintenance could have avoided many such disastrous and costly events. That is why responsible operators choose for Dietsmann. It is a fact that Dietsmann has one of the best safety records in the Industry and is totally committed to maintain its well-known best-of-industry performance.

Dietsmann adds substantial profits to your bottom line. Higher plant availability leads to more production. Predictive maintenance technology and optimized planning result in fewer interventions, longer lifetime cycles and optimized spare part stocks. More and more operators and plant owners recognize that maintenance is not only simple repair. Maintenance is an engineering activity that requires the accumulated experience of the behavior of all generic parts and equipment, analysis of failures and state of the art techniques and methods that go beyond the knowledge of one particular installation. Dietsmann maintains hundreds of oil, gas and power production plants in many countries, and has built a huge empirical database of all parts and equipment, maintenance routines and failure analysis. Every day, 365 days per year, thousands of our highly trained engineers and technicians apply Dietsmann’s standards of maintenance and safety routines around the world. Their shared objective is to ensure the safe and optimized availability of production plant, and we believe that this is the best environmental insurance policy a plant owner can buy.


Our Core Business


Maintaining Energy

Our business is maintaining energy. Maintenance is essentially a tool to maintain and increase production.

We are dedicated to planning and managing the operation and maintenance of oil, gas and power plants to ensure that safe operational performance is optimized,that availability is maximized and that cost is minimized. In short, we specialize in maintaining our clients’ production facilities and power plants so that they do what they should at minimum cost.

Our thorough knowledge of all the major types of plant, equipment and components means that otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities can be consolidated, coordinated and managed by a trusted independent partner.


A comprehensive, specialized activity

Operation & Maintenance is a comprehensive, specialized activity that starts with understanding the plant and its processes, together with the objectives of the owner. Effective maintenance increases the ‘up-time’ of the facilities – the time the plant is available for production. In addition to increasing operating revenue, professional maintenance also extends the productive lifetime of the assets, resulting in a reduction in the clients’ capital expenditure.


An unrivalled understanding

A number of major international and national oil companies and other clients entrust us with the Operation & Maintenance of their production facilities. In doing so, they are able to focus on their own core activities while benefiting from over 35 years of experience Dietsmann has accumulated in operating and maintaining hundreds of production installations around the world. This has enabled us to develop an unrivalled understanding of how, when and where to apply the most effective operational methods and specialist maintenance technology.


Optimum performance at minimum cost

As the market leader, we maintain an installed base of tens of thousands of different pieces of equipment and parts, for all production facility components, in multiple configurations. The equipment and parts are suitable for the extremes of environment in which we work, from the Arctic to the Tropics, and from arid deserts to humid rainforests. Similarly, we have accumulated a wealth of experience concerning the effects on plant, equipment and parts of the variety of products processed, from aggressive high-acid oil to sulphur gas. All this information is continuously analyzed and applied in the Operation & Maintenance of our clients’ extremely valuable assets, ensuring the optimum performance of their facilities at minimum cost.



Taking the lead in maintenance optimization

We believe that maintenance is one of the most important tools for optimizing production, ensuring health and safety and minimizing environmental impact. Dietsmann not only strives to fully master the technology of maintenance but also to integrate it seamlessly into our clients’ production objectives. That is why, in 1986, we were the first to call our key services‘operation and maintenance’.
We apply world class methods for maintenance and production optimization in all the countries where we are active. In so doing, we enhance the development of their rich natural and human resources in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible way.



To be the world’s leading independent provider of oil & gas, LNG, GTL and power plant maintenance and production operation services.

Dietsmann is known for its pioneering work and its consistent focus on its core business.

We are always responsive to client needs, innovative in our thinking and more agile than our larger integrated competitors. This culture has earned Dietsmann the trust of its clients, with many of whom it has long-standing relationships.

Our focus is on those industry sectors where efficiency gains, cost reduction and intelligent solutions to complex problems count. These include the oil & gas and petrochemical industries and power utilities. The huge number of production facilities we maintain provides our clients with unparalleled knowledge and experience in optimizing plant performance.



In conducting its business, Dietsmann is inspired by and committed to upholding the principles of integrity, respect, loyalty, efficiency and transparency. The dedication and professionalism of our employees reflect our values and are the decisive factor in ensuring Dietsmann’s continuing success.


Our values are encapsulated by our commitments to our stakeholders:


We commit to our clients that we will:


• always listen to and learn from them
• tailor our services to their specific requirements
• offer effective industrial operation & maintenance solutions
• employ state-of-the-art but field-tested technology and leading edge working practices
• continuously improve in everything we do
• meet or exceed their expectations under optimal cost/benefit conditions
• be truthful in all advertising and communications


We commit to our employees that we will:

• provide a safe and rewarding working environment
• ensure equal opportunity
• foster an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect
• motivate, empower and foster creativity and innovation
• facilitate and manage local and international career opportunities


We commit to society at large that we will:

• strictly apply the highest ethical standards
• respect and care for the environment
• strive to be a good corporate citizen


The Dietsmann Story so Far

The beginnings

Peter Kütemann founded Dietsmann in the Netherlands in 1977. His enterprise started as a technical assistance company serving the oil and gas companies in the Netherlands that were about to produce their first gas discoveries off the Dutch coast. At that time these companies employed full-time technical personnel for operation and maintenance. Only in exceptional cases was highly specialized work subcontracted.


Oil companies recognize the value of outsourcing

Oil companies gradually realized that outsourcing would enable them to be more flexible and operate more cost effectively. An increasing number of functions, not considered business critical, were outsourced. Peter Kütemann was the first to create an adequate and competent proposition for outsourcing maintenance without losing control of one’s assets.


1980s – rapid international growth

Dietsmann grew rapidly and opened its first international office in Aberdeen early in 1982. Later that year Dietsmann France S.A. was established to focus on the Francophone markets. In 1987 Sudmarine in Marseilles was acquired. This company had a substantial mechanical maintenance business and a well-established French spare parts procurement capability.

In 1989 Dietsmann acquired Setram in the southwest of France, which had strong capabilities in the electrical and instrumentation fields and a well-established contract base with the French oil industry. Their branches in Gabon and Congo further strengthened Dietsmann’s African presence. The mechanical, electrical and instrumentation capabilities in these countries were merged to create the world’s first multidisciplinary maintenance service company in this sector. This new concept proved advantageous in securing Dietsmann’s first integrated operation and maintenance contract, awarded by Elf.


1990s – Integrated O&M concept introduced


Following this success Dietsmann formalized the concept, and the company’s Integrated Operation & Maintenance (IOM)became yet another innovation in maintenance contracting. Its ‘shared objectives’ contracting format allowed Dietsmann’s clients to virtually exit day-to-day maintenance operations while remaining in control of the performance of their assets.

In 1996 Comerint was acquired from Italy’s ENI Group. It had a new but complementary range of products, markets and clients. Comerint, as Snamprogetti’s main operations service company, was firmly established on the Italian industrial scene. With its focus on services to the refining and petrochemical industry and specialized services in the fields of training and technology transfer, technical assistance and operation and management systems, Comerint strengthened the Company with new regional establishments in Nigeria, Libya and Saudi Arabia.


Dietsmann today

Due to its unrelenting focus, over the years Dietsmann has become the largest independent services company specialized in the operations & maintenance of oil & gas, LNG and power utility production plant. The company is set to continue to lead through its unmatched client base and experience in transfer of technology and the optimal employment of local resources, providing both world-class plant Operation & Maintenance while creating solid employee relations and local development as an added benefit.

In June 2012 Dietsmann acquired a 51% stake in REP Engineering, a Russian Global Maintenance Services Company providing repair and maintenance services to power stations. Dietsmann has a large portfolio of oil & gas companies worldwide and also operates and maintains power plants of various types and sizes for international power generating companies, Independent Power Plant (IPP) operators and national and international oil companies. In total, Dietsmann maintains power plants which have a combined installed capacity of over 12 Gigawatts of both gas and steam turbine-driven power units in Europe, Africa and Euro Asia.

Dietsmann now employs more than 5,500 people and has a local presence in more countries in West Africa and North Africa, the Caspian Sea Region and Russia than any of its competitors.

We continue to put our clients and their objectives first. Dietsmann is independent, still owned by its founder, and has no plans to change this. Dietsmann is not affiliated with any manufacturer or construction engineering firm. Unlike some other providers of “independent” maintenance services it does not use these services as an outpost for selling its spare parts or upgrades.

Dietsmann reported healthy results and achieved sales of over €320 million in challenging 2012. Considering the number of bids we are working on and the number of projects coming to market in our target countries in the coming years, the management feels confident that growth will continue into the foreseeable future. New maintenance contracts and projects will add to the cumulative effect of growing revenues from existing long term contracts and constitutes the basis of our confidence in achieving continued growth.

Phone 234 9 461 45 87
Address Ceddi Plaza, 3rd floor, Plot 264, Tafawa Belawa way, Central Business District, Wuse 2FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
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