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Crescent Hall International School - Lagos

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Barrister (Mrs) Mercy Jackson

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to Crescent Hall International School's website. Our School has enviable track record in academic performance. Beyond that, we provide rich and balanced programmes of learning and co-curricular activities, all aimed at moulding our students into complete disciplined and well-rounded men and women having the fear of God and capable of exuding self confidence and respect, vital for taking advantage of life's opportunities.

haed teacher

Mrs. Tope Sowole

Head Teacher



As a leading educational institution, we know that learning begins in the early stages of infancy and continues throughout our lives. In this regard, we recognize the powerful impact we have on young minds and as such we take our responsibility very seriously.
Wole Daniels(Mr.)
A unique curriculum particularly fashioned to meet the academic needs of the Nigerian child, the school -curriculum is broad-based, covering the Nigerian, American as well as the English National curriculum
head boy
Igbinosun Osadebamwen
Senior Prefect
As the Head boy of this great school, it’s a great honour and privilege to extend a warm welcome to you. My journey through Crescent Hall has been adventurous and tough having to learn the techniques of survival, escaping trouble and being a good model for my juniors and peers. To ensure the best for our next future generation, I had to strive academically and aspire to end up with a better result than my three senior brothers who had made some of the best grades of their times in Crescent Hall. I must say that, it has not been all work, I have had a time of my life and I have learnt lessons that I believe will help me to excel as I venture into the global village.
Welcome to the Primary section where learning begins. We believe that education should awaken a spirit of wonder and discovery in the child; we do this by providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment. We also place great value on Creativity, Art and Craft, Sport, Music and discipline to enhance academic excellence. Our Nursery is Montessori based. Our Curriculum is a combination of both Nigeria and British to give our children a well rounded education. The school believes that all work without play makes an intelligent mind dull and uninteresting and therefore, our co-curricular activities include Swimming, Taekwondo, Ballet, Cub Scout, Brownie, Gymnastics, Literary and Debating Club, French Club, Photography etc.
pri apri b/pri c
The Primary curriculum covers the courses required by candidates for the National Examination Council Entrance Examination, the Lagos State Ministry of Education Entrance Examination and the British Common Entrance Examination.
The Primary is divided into two key stages. Pupils are admitted into key stage one in September after they have attained their fifth birthday. School day begins at 7.45 am with staff members ready to receive the children into school and finishes at 3pm
The Crèche admits babies from 12 weeks and above.  At the Crèche, our mission is to provide a high class, top quality day care service in a caring and nurturing “home away from home” environment. The periods of stay are very flexible ranging from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly as well as termly. The day here begins at 7.20 am with staff members ready to receive the children into the Crèche and finishes at 6pm.
The curriculum is Montessori based and the pupils are able to read and write. Pupils are admitted into reception class at age two (2) to finish the Nursery at age five (5). Learning at CHS Nursery section is fun.
Nursery classes commence at 8.15 a.m and finish at 1.30 p.m ( extra time is given to the less able children).



Crescent Hall International School is a co-educational Christian school located in a peaceful environment, highly conducive for learning in the heart of Lagos, Ikeja-GRA. The school runs a unique curriculum particularly fashioned to meet the academic needs of the Nigerian child, the school -curriculum is broad-based, covering the Nigerian, American as well as the English National curriculum.
At Crescent Hall International school, we are fully committed to the business of moulding 'the complete child', to be spiritually and psychologically enlightened, morally balanced and intellectually endowed to positively affect his/her immediate circle of influence and the world at large.
We believe every child can learn irrespective of the background, culture, religion, exposure and disability: you are cordially invited to a life transforming experience at the school. Our team of seasoned teachers and the friendly non-academic staff are so willing to help you become the best you can in all your undertakings.
Mr. Wole Daniels
The school runs a six year program carefully designed to cover the British, American and the Nigerian modules of education.
The program runs from year 7 to year 9, the terminal class sits the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations May/June of the academic year, as well as the Junior NECO Examination.
These qualifying examinations are the standards for placing students into the appropriate career streams as they proceed to the Key Stage4 classes. 
The module runs from year 10 to year 11, the terminal class sits the Cambridge IGCSE Examinations October/November of the academic year, with an option of the Core or the Extended- curriculum of the IGCSE syllabus.
The year 12/SS3 class sits the Nigerian examinations (WAEC/NECO), May/June of the academic session
SAT/ TOEFL: Students aspiring to secure university admission into schools in the United States and Canada sit the Scholastic Aptitude Test and the Test Of English As A Foreign Language in January, February, May and June of the academic year.
At the end of year 12, students intending to school in the United Kingdom (UK) go through the preparatory class for a period of 12-18 months, to sit the Cambridge advanced level subsidiary (AS)/A2 Core.
IELTS; prospective students to universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia go through tutorials at the school to sit the IELTS exams
Admission of students into JS1 (Year 7) and SS1 (Year 10) of the college is through competitive entrance examinations.
The entrance examination questions covers
·        English language & Verbal Aptitude
·        Mathematics and Quantitative Aptitude
·        General paper
NOTE: Mathematics and Quantitative Aptitude for Year 7, while the Exam questions for Year 10 will include Maths, English and two other subjects depending on their area of specialisation.
Successful candidates are invited for oral interview.  Students may also be admitted directly into J.S.2 and S.S.2, subject to existing vacancies. Such students are expected to pass their last school’s promotional examinations very well in addition to our entry examinations.





List of Subjects on 'A' Level Programme

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Literature –in-English, Economics, Business Studies, Sociology and Accounting


List of Subjects on 'O' Level ProgrammeEnglish Language, Economics, Sociology, Commerce, Literature-in-English, Geography, Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.


Arts/Commercial Department

1. Economics, Business Studies, Accounting

2. Economics, Mathematics, Accounting

3. Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics

4. Economics, Geography, Mathematics

5. Economics, Business Studies, Sociology

6. Economics, Geography, Sociology 
7. Literature-in-English, Sociology, Economics

8. Literature-in-English, Sociology, Business Studies


1. Physics, Chemistry, Biology
2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
3. Physics, Geography, Mathematics.



Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become within a very short time, one of the basic building blocks of modern society. Many countries now regard understanding and mastering the basic skills and concepts of ICT as an essential requirement in total education, alongside reading, writing and numeracy.
One of Crescent Hall’s overriding aim is to ensure that all students have access to the best educational ICT curriculum, resources and facilities necessary to prepare them to play full roles in modern society and to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s development.
The partnership between parents, children and staff forms an important part of every child’s Education.

Address 30A/B Ladoke Akintola Crescent Ikeja G.R.A., Lagos, Nigeria.


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