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Ardent Consulting Limited, Kano

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Ardent Consulting was founded on 12th July 2004 and got incorporated on 15th of March 2006 under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree 1990 with Registration No RC648148.We work, using our consolidated know-how and experience, with Private Sector as well as Public bodies and International Organizations, supplying tailor-made services to Micro, Small Medium and Large sized organizations. Today our aim is to build up our organization into one of African Consultancy and Financial Advisory services groups, becoming a trustworthy market leader which guarantees the satisfaction of its clients. We remain an organization which works with the most up-to-date methodologies and know-how, in harmony with the requirements of local and international groups. We also continue to use our complete understanding of the diverse cultures and specific needs inherent to the local needs of our clients.Our clients include:

    Private Organizations ,Governments (Local, State and Federal) ,International Organizations




  1. Ardent has the know-how , the appropriate skills and the creativity to advise its clients on a range of matters, to work with them in finding practical solutions to current and future problems; to translate concepts and ideas into concrete plans and projects.

  2. Efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of our services. We achieve this by our unique form of project management.

  3. We provide the right people for a project, ensuring continuous monitoring progress, communication and costs from the initial phase of the project right through to the end product.

  4. As a multi-disciplinary organization we can combine the various disciplines to offer clients tailor-made 
    solutions to every situation.

  5. Our operations as organized into five sections enable us to assign projects to one of these teams. The choice will depend on the nature of the project or assignment and the client. The teams call upon one another for information and expertise where necessary. Apart from these divisions there are supporting services to provide assistance.

  6. Since many projects require integrated approach, the people who work either as permanent staff or associates represent a variety of professional backgrounds, such as Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Sociology, Law, Engineering, Agriculture etc.

  7. Information Technology is an important tool in our operations. We have specific expertise in the field of programming, software development, and networking as well as other related fields.

  8. For fast and appropriate action, projects are handled by tailor-made project teams consisting of experts in the different fields involved. Each team is led by a project Leader, who has the ultimate responsibility for 
    the success of the project and maintains contact with the client.

  9. Our multi-disciplinary and integrated approach ensures that the client gets only the very best.

  10. The management of Ardent consists of full-time experts and Associates who work as a team complimenting skills and resources targeting at the best possible results for our clients.

  11. Ardent is served by a crop of experts knowledgeable in diverse fields with high commitment and drive for



Our consultancy services cover all areas where improved performance is required. We provide our services based on the nature of the project which varies from exploring a new idea or specialist support to a wide range of activities. Our areas of activities include:

 Management Consultancy 
 Business Development Services.
 Financial Advisory Services
 Research and Survey
 Technical assistance
 Project Management
 Evaluation and Monitoring Services. 
 Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME)Services

Management Consultancy and Business Development Services

These services include:

      • Training and Management Development.
      • Strategy and Change.
      • Corporate Governance.
      • Sales and Marketing.
      • Business Development.
      • Financial Management.
      • Processes, Innovation and Improvement.
      • Feasibility Business Plan.

Financial Advisory Services

  1. Our young, dynamic and innovative company specializes in sourcing and providing competitive finance for private and public organizations that seek to undertake sound infrastructural and socio-economic projects to support their national or corporate goals.
  2. We also provide advisory services on different sources and types of financing available on the national and international financial markets, ensuring that we provide the most appropriate financing packages for different types of projects. We seek to address the distinctive circumstances and needs of our clients, and customize a financing package to match our clients’ financial requirement, capacity and/ or potential. Under this service we can do the following:

    a .Debt/Equity sourcing:

    b.BOT (all variants) and other PPP schemes.
    c.Mergers and Acquisition.
    d.Privatization of public enterprises.
    e..Financial re-structuring and Management.

Research and Survey:

Other aspect of our operations involves the conduct of Research and Surveys either Market, General or Specific. The research or survey can be commercial, Socio-Economic or political. We believe that research should make ideas stronger. The way ideas work in research is core to our thinking. We have carried out our own research and development to define the optimal way to research creative ideas.

Technical Assistance, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. These services involve the following:

  • Study and formulation of development plans for Governments.
  • Studies on Community and regional policies.
  • Sector studies and market studies.
  • Export and Investment promotion.
  • Local development (rural, industrial services and Infrastructures)
  • Information/training for Civil servants on the management of Investment and Development programmes.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of Programmes financed by national Governments and International organizations
  • MSME Services.

Our Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises Service is a unique ARDENT CONSULTING product as we undertake all series of activities for the MSMEs. We specialize in the provision of Business Development Services (BDS) to the MSMEs such as:


  • Training, Consultancy and Advisory Services.
    Marketing assistance.
  • Business Promotion.
  • Product Development.
  • Financial and Accounting skills.

In our efforts at becoming MSME specialists we have entered into working relationships with some Banks, SMEIS companies and other Venture Capital entities and NGOs that are relevant to this area of our service delivery. We have advised our clients and have prepared business plans and sourced funding for various needs.



5, Planners’ Street NNDCQuarters, Sharada,Kano

Phone 08054546440, 08036216000
Address Kano


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