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American International School Abuja

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Since 1993, AISA has existed in Abuja, the new federal capital of Nigeria. The school was established to provide a quality education, utilizing an American curriculum for students of all nationalities from preschool through 12th grade. Over the years, this educational institution has witnessed enrollment growth from 40 students in 1993 to more than 500 students currently. The school community has made significant progress in terms of providing an excellent curriculum, qualified and dedicated teaching staff, and attractive facilities. AISA is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Elementary Schools, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

American International School Abuja - Building


EARLY CHILDHOOD - Holding the Learner at Our Heart
American International School Abuja - Nursery Children  American International School Abuja - Nursery Children 2


At AISA, the early childhood program is based on developmentally appropriate practice, which means meeting children where they are, as individuals and as a group. Children reach challenging but achievable goals that contribute to their ongoing development and learning. This includes fostering student skills in the developmental (social & emotional, cognitive, physical, language, approaches to learning) and discipline specific domains (literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts).

Our Early Childhood team is comprised of dedicated early childhood professionals; each member is committed to providing curriculum, instruction and assessment that is developmentally appropriate, intentional, and founded in research based best practices in early childhood education.


PRIMARY SCHOOL - Preparing Young Learners for the Wider World
American International School Abuja - Primary School Children  American International School Abuja - Primary School Children 2

The Elementary School Program at the American International School of Abuja serves children from first to fifth grade. The Elementary School believes that children need to be actively involved in learning by engaging students in activities that help to further their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development.

The AISA Curricula is based on an American Curriculum with an international influence. AISA students come from all over the world and contribute to a culturally and intellectually rich environment. This gives our students a distinct advantage due to the diversity and knowledge they gain from each other. The AISA Curricula consists of standards, benchmarks, and indicators in each core area. A balanced education is important for children and therefore, the children are not only engaged in the areas of reading/language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and French language instruction, but also in the visual arts, music, physical education and computer technology.

The AISA elementary addresses individual needs through differentiation in the classroom and through support programs developed for students who participate in the following programs: English Language Learner (ELL) serving students towards English proficiency, and the Learning Support: serving students who are experiencing specific developmental learning difficulties. The AISA Elementary School strives to develop students’ skills, knowledge and character to enable them to achieve their full potential and pursue their dreams.


SECONDARY SCHOOL - Empowering Global Citizens

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The Secondary School is comprised of a Middle School ( grades 6 to 8 ) and a High School ( grades 9 to 12 ). The Middle School (MS), provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their academic preparation while becoming increasingly independent. In addition, they have the opportunity to explore music and art and to further their knowledge of our host country through Nigerian Studies. Physical activity is essential for the proper development of young adolescents. Consequently, all MS students take part in physical education courses that help them to stay active while developing their skills.

The AISA High School (HS),offers a strong college preparatory program with the goal of preparing our students for admission into the best universities in the world. AISA’s students are currently attending many prestigious institutions including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Duke University in the US; the University of Bradford in the UK; the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands; and Schiller International University in Germany.

Upon completion of our requirements, our graduates receive the American High School Diploma. In the upper grades of the High School, students have the option of taking courses from the well recognized Advanced Placement (AP) program. These courses can earn college credit for students attending university in the United States. Outside the U.S., universities in more than 55 countries recognize AP Exam scores in the admission process and/or for credit and advanced placement. In addition, our students can opt to take courses leading to AP International Diploma.

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American International School Abuja - Graduation

Revised and approved by the Board on February 25, 2009

AISA is an accredited school offering a co-educational day program from Preschool to 12th Grade for students of all nationalities.

The Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. State Department gives an annual grant to AISA to assist in security and the operation of its programs. In accordance with a special working relationship between AISA and the U.S. Embassy, outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding dated 18 June 2007, the children of U.S. Embassy families on diplomatic or military status, whose tuition is paid by the U.S. Government, will be able to access immediate admission to AISA.  In addition, children of overseas recruited staff of AISA, after meeting all of the conditions below, will access immediate admission to AISA.  Finally, those participating in the Special Assessment Fee Program* will access immediate admission given that all criteria are met and space in the desired class is available.

All applicants must meet all admission requirements, including: age policy, placement test, previous school records, payment of Tuition and Capital Building Fees as outlined in 200.9 of the Policy Manual.

Application for admission to AISA will be considered on the priority scheme outlined below.  However, all applicants must meet admission criteria before being admitted to AISA, regardless of status in Nigeria.  AISA reserves the right to deny admission to any student who fails to meet all the requirements.  While copies of documents or unofficial reports may be accepted for the purposes of evaluation, all required official documentation must be submitted, received, and verified prior to any official offer of acceptance.

Any students requiring special consideration, particularly students with special needs, must have completed records forwarded to the Admissions Coordinator before a decision can be made.  As it is not possible for AISA to meet the needs of all students, it is the responsibility of the parents to disclose all documentation fully prior to an offer of admission being made. Failure of any applicant to disclose fully in any instance may result in the offer of acceptance being rescinded.  AISA reserves the right to deny admission to student whose special needs cannot be serviced by the school.

A conditional acceptance may be offered by the school, but all conditional acceptances are subject to final confirmation only after all necessary and outstanding documents, issues, or questions have been settled to the satisfaction of the school.  All students entering AISA will be required to complete a placement exam.  Incomplete exams will not be accepted and students will be required to re-take the exams or will risk not being admitted to the school.

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Priority of Consideration for Admission

  1. Children of AISA overseas hired teachers or US Embassy personnel.
  2. Children of AISA locally hired teachers.
  3. US Citizens and children whose parents are US citizens (either parent).
  4. Children with siblings presently enrolled in AISA.
  5. Children transferring from an accredited US curriculum school.
  6. Children who were previously enrolled in AISA (seeking readmission).
  7. Children from the diplomatic missions and international organizations.
  8. All other applicants.

Independent of the admissions categories above, enrolled students who are in good standing have the highest priority for continued enrollment and places will not be eliminated for these students in order to admit new students.

*Special Assessment Fee: Organizations or individuals who wish to expedite the admission of their child (ren) are required to pay a one-time Special Assessment Fee of $7,000 per child.  All Special Assessment Fees must be paid in full by the last day of the previous school year. At that time, the Administration must be informed of the ages and probable grade levels of the incoming applicant.  The one-time Special Assessment Fee is not refundable unless the applicant does not meet the admissions requirements.

School Calendar and Attendance

It is the responsibility of applicants and their parents to adhere to the starting dates published in the school calendar and available in the admissions packet and on the school website.  Applicants are expected to attend school from the day they are admitted unless otherwise stipulated by the school.  Previous attendance at AISA or space available does not guarantee admission or likely admission.

Because of the amount of time lost and work that needs to be made up, as well as the unreasonable burden late admissions place on teachers and classes, admission may not be granted after ten school days but upon exceptional circumstances, regardless of space availability.  Students transferring directly from another school system and who have been in attendance in the current school year prior to transferring will be admitted.  Their leaving grades from the previous school may be accepted as evidence of attendance and for the purpose of assigning grades and credits for the period prior to attendance at AISA, provided all other admissions requirements have been met.

Admissions will be made on a case by case basis by the division principal, after a thorough review of the student records and, as needed,  in consultation with the appropriate classroom/subject area teachers.

Regardless of when students are admitted to the school, it is the responsibility of the student to make up and complete all work missed due to the late admission, as required by the administration.



Main Office: (234) (0) 672 2224 or (234) (0) 671 5466 or (234) 703 215 3798

Admissions: (234) (0) 805 054 9963

Address 9 Mambila Street off IBB Way, Abuja, Nigeria


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