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Abuja Clinics

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Abuja Clinics was established in 1989 as a health institution to provide efficient medical services to the then budding Federal Capital Territory (FCT). From humble beginnings it has grown into a group of 3 hospitals located in Karu, Garki and Maitama districts of the FCT . 

The group possesses advanced medical equipments to assist its team of highly qualified and dedicated health personnels. These equipments include but are not limited to the 64-slice CT scan unit, 4D-Ultrasonography, Mammography unit with stereotatic biopsy and Intra-operative C-arm fluoroscopy allowing for excellent diagnosis and cure. 

The hospital renders services in all major fields of medicine such as: Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Radiology and Dentistry.

The smooth running of the establishment is ensured by the department of administration which is manned by a team of seasoned work force. It coordinates the activities of the three clinics thus ensuring an integrated system.




To provide a proficient, dedicated and prodigious healthcare delivery system, which effectively complements governmental efforts at all levels by a well articulated and highly motivated professional team thereby impacting positively on the community.





Extensively utilizing at all times experts worldwide, modern equipment and facilities in a congenial atmosphere.




Unalloyed service that will guarantee maximum satisfaction and good health. God on our side.




Yes we can................

  • Detect the smallest evidence of cancer as small as 0.5mm thereby give chance for cure.
  • Detect restrictive and obstructive lung disease
  • Capable of doing virtual colonoscopy and bronchoscopy
  • Detect aneurysms, quantify and identify strokes and the types.
  • Identify brain vascular disease as well as quantify cerebral perfusion in stroke/Alzheimer's diseases.
  • Detect peripheral vascular disease.
  • Can visualize major arteries of the body.
  • Inner ear studies (clear cut images of the inner ear structures become available).
  • Give detailed imagery of the urinary tract from the kidneys to the urethra
  • and many more


Phone 09-8089805, 09-8089806, 08036650436.
Address 22, Amazon Street, Off Alvan Ikoku way, Maitama, Abuja


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