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3T Consulting, Lagos

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3T Consulting is a management consultancy poised to facilitate education and economic emancipation in Africa and Europe within disadvantaged communities; working with individuals, businesses and governments to operate efficiently in their environment for economic and sociological change. Affiliated to Temple Crest, a professional services boutique, the group has sector expertise in Training, Education, Capacity Building, Economic Regeneration and Poverty Alleviation, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Enterprise Development, in Oil and Gas and in facilitation within overseas markets such as China. 

We operate in the following areas;

  • Capacity Building
  • Outsourcing
  • Fund Raising
  • International Linkages
  • Business Development Services/Business Support Services
  • Job Creation

Our competencies are; 

a) self employment and micro and small business start-ups, b) business advice – development, sustenance and growth, c) fund raising for micro and small business, d) financial management, e) alternative approach to survival, f) strategic development and management etc.

Our Vision:

In 2001 3t management consultancy was launched in the UK, with a vision to facilitate education and economic emancipation in Africa and within disadvantaged communities in the UK, Europe and the US. The Nigerian operation was set up in 2006.

We work with individuals, business and governments within and outside Africa to operate efficiently in that continent for economic and sociological change.

Our group is aware that the world is a global village where Africans and non-Africans work interdependently to improve the continent’s welfare, infrastructure and business performance, and recognize that these processes will occur concomitantly within developed countries.

Our Mission:

Becoming the foremost independent management consulting organisation by 2016 involved in empowering African individuals, businesses, civil society and government to enable them maximise their full potential.

Our Objectives:

  • Maintenance of a close relationship with African clients and foreign supporters.
  • Establishment of a presence in the different African regions.
  • Establishment of key relationships with agencies and other organizations.
  • Development and deployment of people’s skills and knowledge.
  • Sourcing and management of external funding for Africa.

Our Core Values:

  • Commitment: To our clients and to ensuring we help them get the job done.
  • Excellence: In performance and ethos.
  • Innovation: In thought and application, so we provide cutting edge solutions.
  • Humanness: Encompasses care, considerations and sensitivity to internal staff and external clients.


  • Corporate Governance:
    • Business Process Consultancy
    • Strategy development
    • Management Consultancy
  • Financial Advisory and Corporate Finance
  • Audit, Tax and Regulatory Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Services:
    • Recruitment Services
    • HR Strategy Development
    • Performance Management
    • Executive Coaching Services
    • Human Resource Support Services
    • Specialized Training
    • Management Training
    • Technology Training
    • Job Specific Trainings
    • Soft-Skills Training
    • eLearning
  • Entrepreneurial Development Services:
    • Job Creation
    • Training
    • Owner-Manager Training
  • Information Technology Services
  • International Linkages:
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Training
    • Education
    • Study Tours/Mission

Phone +234 (0)1-4638349, +234 (0)1-2951155
Address 3T Consulting Nigeria Limited 54B Itafaji Road, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos
Fax +234 (0)1-2706956


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