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GOWE Targets Tourism Operators

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GOWE Targets Tourism Operators

ALIVINGSTONE-based women's group, Growth Oriented Women Entrepreneurs Association (GOWE), is planning to venture in organic farming so that its members could start producing organic food products and supply the produce to tourism operators in Zambia's tourist capital.

GOWE is one of several other women clubs in 15 constituencies of Southern Province which recently received more than K265 million from the Government for income generating activities among themselves.

Some of the recipient constituencies include Livingstone, Mbabala, Choma Central, Kazungula, Kalomo Central, Mapatizya, Dundumwezi, Namwala, Moomba, Bweengwa, Gwembe and Magoye.

GOWE vice chairperson Catherine Chipungu said her association was in a process of applying for a sizeable piece of land from Livingstone City Council so that members could venture in organic farming and supply organic food products such lettuce and other vegetables to tourism operators.

Speaking in an interview in Livingstone, Ms Chipungu noted tourism operators such as lodges and hotels had a huge demand for organic food products which were in most cases imported from outside the city. "We are already talking to Livingstone City Council so that they give us a piece of land so that we can invest in organic farming.

Livingstone, being Zambia's tourist capital, hosts a lot of tourists and other guests who usually demand for organic food products hence we want to start producing these green food products and supply to tourism operators," she said.

Ms Chipungu said GOWE board members would soon meet and approve various projects aimed at boosting the financial based of the women group. She noted that most women entrepreneurs in Zambia had challenges in accessing funds for their businesses.

The K265, 081, 500 worth of cheques funding given to women clubs in Southern Province from the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services recently was meant for the empowerment among women clubs to reduce poverty in the communities.

A further K71, 706, 000 was allocated to women clubs under the Gender in Development Division (GIDD) under the Ministry of Gender and Development. - Nigerian news, Travel news, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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