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Canada seeks skilled govt workers

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AN immigration consultant based in Canada, Ebhote Francis Idiakheua, has called on Nigerians wishing to make a living in Canada to do so in the new calendar year beginning July 1, 2012.

Each year there is a ministerial list of professions and skill under the federal skilled workers programme where individuals eligible can apply. In the year ending June 30, 2012, Ten Thousand (10,000) applications were admitted for processing under this scheme.

According to Idiakheua, a Nigerian, and Managing Director of the class immigration Havens incorporated, the recent survey published by Jason Kenney the minister of citizenship and immigrations showed that 89 percent of individuals who are admitted under this program are successfully established after three years of their coming to Canada.

Foreign nationals who apply under this stream he said are expected to have the educational skills, work experience, language ability (English or French) as verified by a test result from CIC approved testing centre) and other qualities needed to contribute to the Canadian labour market and above all must be self supporting at the time of their arrival in Canada.

The immigration consultant while likening the Federal skilled workers programme to the United Federal skilled workers programme to the United Kingdom High Skill Immigrant Program (HSMP) said the individual as skilled worker is known as the principal applicant who has the privilege of including members of his/her immediate family members in the application for permanent residence as long as he/she can satisfy the interviewing officer that such persons are bonafide members of his/her family.

He said applicant’s profession and work/job functions are required to fall under one of the national occupations classifications. Currently he said, under the scheme, applicant’s job classification must fall under type O which requires the individual to have relevant university degree, professional designation, college diploma or other management training and proven management experience.

Other skill levels include skill level, A which is a university and skill B, a college/Technical school or apprenticeship training.

Generally the applicant is assessed for eligibility under a point system and is required to score a minimum of 67 point out of 100 to begin the application process.

The six selection factors according to Idiakheua are education, language proficiency in English or French, work experience, age, arranged employment and adaptability.

Idiakheua urged Nigerians to take advantage of this scheme to travel to Canada. He however cautioned that they must go through the right source stressing that they must shun patronizing cheats who call themselves consultant only to collect monies from people and disappear into the thin air.

Article credit: Guardian Newspaper

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