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WPS holds first Africa special summit in Abuja

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25th June 2014

The World Pension Summit (WPS) a global body for pension professionals is set to hold its first “Africa special” summit in Abuja.

World Pension Summit is the only platform ‘for and by’ Pension Professionals, exchanging knowledge and innovative ideas on how to secure sufficient pension provision.

This year’s summit which coincide the tenth anniversary of the pension reform in Nigeria, was organized jointly with the National Pension Commission of Nigeria and the WPS.

The World Pension Summit ‘Africa Special’ will kick-start a unique knowledge platform for all African nations on pension market development and how to address all complexities involved.

The aim of this Summit is to exchange expertise between pension professionals in Africa and to stimulate pension market developments and pension innovation.

The annual summit which holds later in the year was bring together over 400 pension professional across the globe to exchange expertise and best practices to further essential development in social security, innovation and pensions.

The Summit, which is for all African pension professionals will present and debate upon specific African pension innovation, key scenarios, and scheme development. Global insights and best practices will be presented, shared and discussed by renowned international experts. According to Eric Eggink, Chairman World Pension Summit, “The World Pension Summit “Africa Special” is most eager to be the platform of learning and getting inspired. We think that new developments can only be fostered with meeting and sharing information and expertise.

“More and more key budget component as housing, healthcare and pensions are becoming key to citizens of the world and securing sufficient provision is becoming a joint challenge for government, employers and the individual,” said Harry Smorenberg a financial services marketing and positioning strategist.

He added that, “WPS “Africa Special” is the place to exchange key developments and solutions and learn from each other.”

Since 2004, Nigeria has taken up a leading role with her pension reform, a true showcase for the African continent. The enactment of the Pension Reform Act 2004 has proven to be the key starting point of a new era in pensions for Nigeria.

This inaugural edition of the World Pension Summit ‘Africa Special’ will focus on key lessons learned amongst African Nations and share experiences on relevant topics and developments such as on pensions investments, risk management, funds management, administration, regulatory essentials and communication / financial literacy. The World Pension Summit ‘Africa Special’ will be held annually, with Abuja as the conference location.


Article Credit: Vanguard News

Updated 4 Years ago

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