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WildAid, apps try to raise awareness

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IMAGE: Left, Zi Wen, chief representative of WildAid in China »


WildAid and five popular mobile app companies recently held a presentation on "5 To Do Today" at Beijing's Taiyanggong Capital Mall.

WildAid, a non-governmental organization that opposes illegal wildlife trade, started the campaign in 2011 to call for people to do five simple things every day to protect the environment, including taking public transportation, influencing public opinion and creating support for reducing global warming.

"Individuals can make a significant impact by modifying their daily routine to reduce their carbon footprint.

"I hope our efforts will raise public awareness," said Zi Wen, chief representative of WildAid in China.

The organization encourages people to walk, cycle or take public transportation as often as possible; to only use energy-efficient products and appliances; and, whenever possible, to turn off or unplug appliances that consume a lot of electricity or water.

Mobile apps Moji Weather, PPTV, Bread Trip, and Who Now by Hunan Satellite TV will promote the campaign for free among their users.

Chinese actress Hai Qing, one of the ambassadors of the campaign, shared personal stories with shoppers at the mall.

For example, she said when filming, she uses her own dishware and chopsticks rather than disposable ones.

Hai said she quit eating beef when she learned that producing 1 kilogram of beef generates about 36 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

Article Credit: Chinadaily

Updated 5 Years ago

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