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While the six-day strike was on, Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs were the fastest and most convenient avenues for celebrities to express their thoughts on the matter.

Mo’Hits boss Don Jazzy had seized the opportunity to do so too when he disclosedvia Twitter that he regretted voting for the ‘current government’ on January 3, 2012. But soon after, the hit-producer went off the grid.

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) called off the strike yesterday, January 16, 2012 and minutes later Don Jazzy was back tweeting like he never left.

But just as fans started throwing heated questions at him; Don Jazzy cleared the air…

‘If only u have an idea wot i ve been tru for saying i regret my vote alone. yet some of u re here chatting dust. If dem snipe me now the best y’all can do is put up avatars and say eyaaa RIP. then wot next? will u feed d multitude depending on me? Plsss’, @Donjazzy tweeted.

‘U tweet and it stays online. i tweet and it ends up on a newspaper in Aso Rock. And i did the best i could. u want me to now over do?’, he continued. ‘The God that we serve sees all what happens behind close doors. One day breeze go blow and fowl yansh go open. Dem say strike is over’.

Similarly, D’banj, seemingly pressured had also tweeted his thoughts on the strike stating ‘we the masses are the ones feeling the pain now’.

Meanwhile, pop singer Kelly Hansome (who has a history of numerous disputes with the Mo’Hits camp) is one of those taking jabs at Don Jazzy.

‘Those that are the loudest in their threats are the weakest in their actions, meaning when I’m silent, Run!! Even If you’re a Don, Run ..’, @KellyHansome tweeted as soon as Don Jazzy resumed Twitter from a 13-day break.

‘Holding a walking stick don’t make you a Don. Na who fight for war front dey know the real sound of a Gun. Don’t be my scape goat… LMFAO’, Kelly Hansome continued.

Both camps have been invloved in several disputes, often started by Hansome’s. Back in October 2011, Kelly Hansome was made to sign an undertaking refraining him from using any material (released and unreleased) belonging to the Mo’Hits crew.

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Updated 7 Years ago

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