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Traders Highlight Advantages of Forex Trading

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May.13, 2013


A trainer and consultant at the ForexTime Limited (FXTM), Mr. Tolu Olatunji, has highlighted the opportunities in the currency market.
Olatunji, who spoke at a training session in Lagos, described the forex market as the largest financial market in the whole world, with transaction of about $4.1 trillion daily.  This, according to him, is the amount of money that exchanges hands between banks, countries, companies and individuals daily.

He stressed that the level of consistency and information that one gathers on the market was what will sustain the investor in the market. Olatunji argued that the probability of losing money by trading in the forex market was very low.

He explained: “But you need to first of all learn how to trade. You also have to put in your money management techniques and risk management potentials into your trading.  There is low transaction cost in the market and high level of profit.

“When you come into any business, the first thing you do is to protect yourself if you can protect your money in the business, after a while you start to making profit. In this business there is high availability of money and in the forex trading market there is high level of flexibility and you can trade from the comfort of your living room at any time.”

Continuing, he said: “In the forex market, price highly stable and the level of currency fluctuation is minimal. There is no central location for trading. Another advantage of the business is that everybody can trade at low entry cost.

“Forex trading is a 24-hour trading cycle because trading occurs actively at all-time globally. Money never sleeps. You just have to study the market and find out when it is favourable to you.”

The two investment products offered by FXTM include the PAMM Account and the Zulu Account.
“With the innovative PAMM Account, you team up with a professional trader to gain access to the virtually unlimited potential of forex investments. When your PAMM Account is not making you money, you won’t have to pay your account manager anything.”


Article Credit: Thisday Newspaper

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