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Strike: Nigerians recount ordeal over network failure, shortage of cash at ATMs

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January 20, 2012


Just as temporary normalcy returned Monday afternoon after suspension of the nationwide  strike by labour and civil society groups across the nation, Nigerians are still counting their losses due to network failure and shortage of cash at automated teller machines,  especially in commercial centres where the technology has been fully deployed.

Even after calling off the strike by the NLC, people still thronged ATMs in major cities across the nation, especially in Lagos to withdraw money as banks may have refilled their cash points.

Majority of ATMs, according to findings were either out of cash or temporary out off service because of the absence of banks officials to attain to these problems.

It would be recalled that many bank ATM cash points ran out of cash by the weekend, causing a massive cash crisis across the nation during the just suspended strike by the labour leaders.

According to keen observers, banks may have been reluctant to re-load ATMs cash point because of incessant network failures among banks and fear of possible attacks by street urchins who were said to be parading all nooks and crannies of commercial nerve centers for possible prey.

But shortly after the strike was called off by theNLC, Vanguard Hi-Tech findings revealed that people were scampering from one ATMs cash point to another, looking for machines that could discharge cash.

At some ATMs cash points visited in major cities in Lagos, our reporter observed a huge crowd of customers at UBA, Union Bank, First Bank, Oceanic, GTB among others branches in high-brow areas of Ikeja and Maryland.

However, during the strike, a close monitoring of activities at ATMs cash points in many areas of Lagos especially Ikeja and Marry Land showed that people were apprehensive of attacks by hoodlums and street urchins, who were looking for opportunities to strike.

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