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Some causes of early morning heel pain

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Date: 14th, MARCH, 2013

AFTER a good, restful night sleep, getting out of bed in the morning can be a nightmare for many people. As soon as one foot or both touch the floor to bear their usual load, these people sink, grab the bed, and are reminded, all over, by a serious pain in their heel(s), that something bad is going on the foot. One woman told me last week that her husband literally crawls about in the bedroom after that first step, until the pain subsides. For many people, the pain actually disappears throughout that day after the first few steps,to return the next day. But for many others, it merely subsides, leaving a dull reminder now and then throughout the day. There are many possible causes of heel pain, as it is called, and it may require surgical correction if it is not promptly given adequate attention.

Hours after I was up from bed today (Sunday, March 9), I am still wondering what happened to my left foot heel this Sunday morning. I felt no pain in it. Tonight, I am going to do what I did last night which I suspect did the trick. Arriving home close to midnight as usual, I dropped my bag and files, and went straight to the kitchen to fix two tablespoonfuls of Bragg’s unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and two tablespoonfuls of liquid chlorophyll in one glass of water to wash down three antioxidant food supplements. I began this regimen just the night before this heel pain relief, having decided not to let my blood and system ever become deficient in antioxidants. There are many antioxidants in my food supplements cabinet. My choice this time were Zinc, Bilbery and Alpha Lipoic Acid combined with Acetyl L-Carnitine. Zinc boosts immunity, alkalizes and heals, apart from being an antioxidant, a good aid in blood sugar management, fertility and a fine vision builder, among its many uses. Back in high school in the 1960s, I had learned in the Physiology & Hygience class ( later renamed Health Science) that, useful as Vitamin A may be for preventing blindness, it cannot be absorbed sufficiently and used by the eye if the body is Zinc deficient. Many people bear signs of Zinc deficiency in their systems. Some of these symptoms may be impaired senses of smell and taste, poor wound healing, night blindness, rough skin, poor genital development, low sperm count, menstrual irregularities e.t.c. Bilberry is best known for the health of the retina and the good vision but, it also supports healthy blood pressure and blood sugar management mechanisms. With all their boisterousness, World War II American pilots were poor reconnaissance pilots the day after a bombing because the glare affected their eyes, whereas their British counterpart were as agile as sparrows. Investigations showed that the British ate their breakfast with Bilbery jam but the Americans didn’t. Bilbery is purple, the same colour as the light sensitive portion of the retina! Moreover, purple is Royal colour! Since this revelation, all eyes supplements worth with their names have not failed to incorporate Bilbery in their formulations. The anthocyanidins in Bilbery make it a powerful antioxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) with Acetyl L-Carnitine is a fat and water soluble antioxidant active in the eyes in particular. Sometimes, I use ALA as an antioxidant protection against the possible excesses of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), a powerful antioxidant which can become a double-edge sword for which it requires another antioxidant in place to clip its excesses as a free radical generator. Acetyl L-Carnitine, the bioactive form of Carnitine, is the motor vehicle which transports fats from the liver to the muscles (Including the heart, a, muscular organ) which use them as fuel. Without enough Carnitine, fat will build up in the blood vessels, congest and damage them as cholesterol level rises and the muscles, deprived of fuel from fat, atrophies, that is waste away.

There is no limit in the choice of antioxidants one may

take to bed in this sort of kitchen experiment. We have

learned that free radicals are what cause more than 200 diseases, many of them degenerative, and make us age rapidly and prematurely. Antioxidant destroy them, keeping us young for as long as possible. So, today, I may bring into my night cap an antioxidant arsenal an “army” from the plant world named Sterols and Sterolins. I have used them on and off before, but I have just been re-awakened to them by Dr Don Colbert, M.D., who confirms in his book, STRESS LESS, that he uses them in his practice. Hear Dr Colbert, the doctor who has been warning that monosodium glutamate (MSG), which Nigerian woman now use rigorously to add flavor to their cooking, kills brain cells and induces diabetes. For men who have been made diabetic unknowingly by their wives or made to become mentally slack, this information should be enough to help them start a “Civil War” in the kitchen because most women appear deaf to health warnings unless they or their children, not their husbands, are personally hit. Dr Colbert says:

“Phytosterols or plant sterols were first described chemically in 1922. Phytosterols are simply plant derived compounds that are very similar in structure to cholesterol. Their purpose, however, is to inhibit cholesterol absorption from the diet. This was first described in 1983. Medical uses are not limited to the treatment of high cholesterol, however, phytosterols are also used to treat benign prostrate hypertrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, allergies and viruses. Unrefined nuts and seeds also have significant high amounts of phytosterols.

“Recent studies are showing that a blend of phytosterols can help protect marathon runners and other athletes in intensive training from excessive inflammation and suppression of the immune system, both of which are common to those who train intensively.

“I have used sterols/sterolins mixture for years in my practice to help people with a variety of stress-related disorders with significant results. Two of the products that I recommend are Moducare and Nature-Leaf. They are also used to treat benign prostrate hypertrophy as well as help lower cholesterol. “

Well, stress is a malaise of our time, and it may be the body is warning us about it in heel pain. There are, indeed, many things to worry about … marriage and family, the landlord, jobs, personal security, traffic ordeals, electricity failure and food spoiling in the refrigerator, sleep deficit and so on. I have been guilty in particular of sleep deficit for over 30 years. Work alters the biological clock of a sub editor, the starting point of my work career. Work didn’t start in many cases until other people had finished theirs and were heading home. Thus, till today, I hardly get well started until after noon, and return home just before midnight. The adrenal glands, which remove stress from our bodies, are stressed up. Cortisol, an adrenal stress hormone, fills the bloodstream, flooding it with sugar. As the sugar level rises, vision becomes blurry, nerves wrack in pain, immune function depletes, thinking becomes foggy, insulin floods the blood, insulin resistance or rejection by the body ensues elevated insulin levels in the blood, like fertilizer, causes soft muscles of the blood vessels to grow rapidly, thus reducing the space for blood flow and causing hypertension which may become irreversible if the vessels become muscle bound. What doesn’t elevated blood sugar level do? It causes the blood cholesterol level to rise. It damages protein and fat molecules. It damages nerves, the liver and the kidneys. In fact, it is implicated in heel pain as one of the many possible causes. And this is why one of the first steps to take in combating heel pain is to check the blood sugar level.


The foot


We all think we know the foot simply because we have two of it and land on them when we walk , run or jump. Yet many people appear to know little or nothing about it.


The Plantar Fascia


This is the bottom cover for the architecture of the foot.

Like the hand, the foot is an arrangement of bones,

blood vessels muscle, tendons, nerves, and several layers of fat padding to protect these components parts from the pressure of the impact of walking, running and other activities in which the foot may be involved. If you feel your wrist, you would notice some small bones (Carpals) after which are arranged long ones (Metacarpals) which connect with the fingers (Phalanges). If you turn the palm up, you would notice, at the joint with the arm, a small depression. It is a gutter known as the Carpal Tunnel through which a nerve and a tendon run. If this gutter is blocked or inflamed, pain is set up in some of the fingers and the palm may swell. In the foot, a similar architecture is in place, and the bones are named tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges. Just as problems in the carpal tunnel are called carpal tunnel syndrome, this its counterpart in the foot is the farsal tunnel syndrome.

From beneath the fat padding of the heel, a special tissue, the fascia, projects to the toes offering protection to the arch of the foot. Being creatures, we may never be able to grasp, fully, the intention of the Creator in the design of the foot. But it seems correct to say the heels bear the load of the body transferred downwards by the head, neck, and abdomen to the pelvic girdle and, by these, to the knee joints, through the thigh bones and, from these joints, to the heels, which earth the pressure. From simple science, if the weight or load is too much for the heels to bear, they would buckle or they may throw some back to the ankle and knee joints (causing cartilage and bone wearing ….arthritis) or, if these joints return part of the load to the “sender” hip problems may ensue. There is symmetry in the design of the body. And this symmetry is upheld in adherence to The Law of Balance. If one set of muscles are overworking, they may pull the counterpart set of muscles out of gear, such that one set is almost permanently contracted and the other almost permanently relaxed. Most pains experienced throughout the body are caused by this postural incongocience for which the right sitting or walking postures are often advised. We shall see, soon, how, in heel pain, the Law of Balance is also at play.




Everywhere in the body inflammation follows irri-

tation and causes pain. If the fascia shifts for whatever

reason, such as abnormal load bearing or deterioration of the fat tissue padding, it would drag the bones along, and this irritating and inflammatory tendency will result in pain.


Heel Spurs


A spur is an overgrowth. In the foot, some bones do overgrow without causing pain. But bone spurs in the heel which grows into muscles or nerves may cause such trouble that may warrant surgery. Spurs generally indicate that something is wrong with calcium metabolism. Is there a deposition of free calcium in the wrong place such as sometimes happens to even soft tissue? Why does free calcium occur? Is a nutritional deficiency causing this? Some researchers have suggested biochemical or cell salt disorders to be a cause. Would this suggest that correction of tissue salt imbalances can halt or even regress the condition?


Colon problems


For many people, it isn’t just unbelievable but unthinkable that constipation of the colon can have a hand in heel pain. Yet reflex zone therapists say both events are connected. I believe them. For every time I had heel pain and I cleared the colon and followed up with colon cleanser and probiotics, the heel pain disappeared. In reflex zone therapy, it is said that the mere fact that two cells (egg and spermatozoa) become one (zygote) and this single cell became 100 trillion cells or so in the average adult body signals interconnectedness of every cell. They say if you stand the foot up, toes up, heel down, the head of the big toe represents your head, its joint with your foot the neck, the arch of the foot your spine and the heel, your colon. After attending demonstrations in Lagos at training sessions of Mrs. Hanne Marquadt co-sponsored by The Guardian Newspapers and Duro Soleye Hospitals at the Sheraton Hotel in the 1980s, I became a convert. So should be some people I have passed this idea to whose heel pains cleared upon clearance of their colon.




Many of us are careless with the health of the foot. The heels of many people are dehydrated, fungi-infected and cracked by these organisms


Nerve injuries


All sorts of events may cause nerve injury. One of the commonest is peripheral nerve damage by diabetes. The peripheral nerves are branch nerves from the Central Nervous System (CNS).These branch nerves pervade the upper and lower limbs. In the case in reference, damage or injury to the peripheral sciatic nerve may cause heel pain.


Nutritional problems


apart from experiencing heel pain after I overeat, I did

a check weeks ago which suggested high protein in-

take may affect me. It is possible I generate excess purines which convert to uric acid in the absence of uricase, an enzyme, to dissolve it for excretion. Accumulations of uric acid in the heel would irritate tissue and cause inflammation and pain. When I stopped adding crayfish to the diet; I experienced reduction and disappearance of the pain. I am mindful of suggestions by some researchers that increase level of uric acid may signify antioxidant deficiency and the body’s attempt to fill the gap with uric acid, an antioxidant in its own right. By this hypothesis, uric acid levels drop naturally as the level of other antioxidant rise. Could this be why I experienced significant easing of the pain this Sunday morning? There will yet be time to talk about conditions in which the chemical benzene leached from plastic packaging into hot food causes benzene poisoning which may encourage flat worm infiltration of tissue, a possible cause of tumors, or cancers which sometimes afflict the heel and foot tissue.


Other problems


We cannot rule out arthritis, bone degeneration, joint (uric acid – induced) and the collapse of the collagen matrix caused by free radicals, insufficiency of Vitamin C and collagen – maintenance materials. Fractures may occur as with any bone in the body. The fat pad may wear due to too much strain and free radical degradation on it. Women who wear high -heeled shoes for many years are more prone to wear and tear or atrophy. Bursitis (inflammation of the bursa) does occur. The bursa are small fluid – filled sacks found in the joints and between bones and tendon. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is another possibility. From the inside of the ankle joint, a nerve passes through the tarsal tunnel to the sole of the foot. If a cyst forms in the tunnel the nerve can become compressed, and this sets up pain in the foot.

To ease inflammation and pain in the foot natural anti-inflammatorles such as fish oil (Shark, Salmon or Cod) help. So do the proprietary Curaimin v2000 X, OsteoCalm, Comfrey root powder poultice, the biochemic cell or tissue salts, Moducare Sterols and Sterolins among others. Antioxidant protection for the foot tissue is important as well. So is a good foot massage at the saloon. I fought off shyness of being an only male in a saloon to regularly care for my foot.

Let us not forget that our Lord Jesus appreciated the care of the foot. After long walks, in journeys done today in motor cars or aeroplanes, Mary and Martha would massage his feet and adorn them with oil!

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