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Queen Bertha: Miss FCT’s Heart of Gold

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Beauty pageantry is becoming a serious business. Seen in the past as just a voyage in vanity, winners of these events are redefining the entire concept and working hard to tie them up with development.

For the current Miss FCT, Nigeria, the entire beauty franchise is about service and community development. In less than few months of a reign, Queen Bertha has brought out the excellent side to what most serious minded people might want to gloss over.

After winning the covetous title for the year 2014, Bertha came up with the E2E project (Empower to empower). Discussing this with this reporter on a rainy afternoon, Queen Bertha said she wants to give back to society. She urged everyone in her position to follow in her footsteps and find ways to “reduce the suffering in the society.”

The E2E project is already in its four months running and it is one that has seen Bertha dealing with all sorts of challenges.  The basis of E2E, according to her is to “come up with initiatives of empowering youths, less privileged ,disabled, widows and catering for the welfare of the old fragile ones through strategic campaign, activisms, outreach programs, seminars and skills acquisition workshop/training.”
She revealed that she would soon be visiting each geopolitical zone in the quest to actualize the goals of the project. But our discussion took off from the start when she emerged winner in the contest that saw over twenty girls intensely competing for the crown.

Winning the Crown
Contrary to what many think, Bertha said the crown doesn’t change the winners. At least in her case, it didn’t.  She said: “I must say not much has changed but of course I now have more responsibility.”
In explaining the crown, she said it is different from most pageantry, because apart from the fact that it was organised by the Fashion Studio of Nigeria, it has collaboration with the FCT administration and it is designed to bring out the best in womanhood and tap into the inner strength that beauty confers.

What is Beauty?
According Queen Bertha, Beauty transcends the physical. She said: “I like to tell my audiences that beauty is not just an outward thing but the inner qualities of an individual. If we dwell more on the outward appearance, we get it all wrong. At the contest for instance it wasn’t only about physical beauty. We were watched and accessed on the basis of character, personality, poise and intelligence. It is the sum total of this that is called beauty.”

Preserving Beauty
Bertha said ladies should see their beauty as a gift from God that should be channelled to proper use. According to her, she had never thought she could be using her beauty in the most positive way she is doing now.
She never really contemplated going for a pageant contest. “What many ladies need is self-confidence. Their beauty should be channelled to great uses in the area of empowering the society.”

Giving Back
The Queen’s initiative is fashioned towards the empowerment of Youths and the less privileged through strategic campaigns, outreach programs, seminars, skills acquisition workshop/training aimed at advocating for access to education by all. According to her, the whole goal is aimed at catering for the welfare of the less privileged, widows and aged, creating more awareness on the harms and hazards of the traditional practice Female genital mutilation, reducing the cases of  Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) by fighting against early girl marriage, Combating Child labour/Trafficking and protecting the Youths from HIV/AIDS infection through sensitization/awareness programs and empowering the youths and less privileged with vocational knowledge/skills.

Being an empowerment activist, she organises strong activists activities aimed at increasing the economic, political, social, and educational potentials of the Youths, less privileged and widows.

She also organizes strategic campaigns, outreach programs, seminars, skills acquisition workshop/training, and other youth related concepts to strengthen and foster peace, unity, love, and the quest for national development. “These activities,” she said “unite various groups and help create a peaceful society for economic and national development.”

Article Credit: Thisdaylive

Updated 4 Years ago

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