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Omotola’s ‘The Real Me’ Unveiled

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Date: 18 January, 2013

Image:Omotola Jalade Ekeinde


Nollywood diva Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, stars in a series tagged, “Omotola, The Real Me” on the Africa Magic Entertainment channel, where she showcasse her unique lifestyle, dress and fashion sense She bares her mind on how she feels about the show. Chinyere Okoye was there

 What influenced your decision to get involved in this?

It is all about entertainment though I am a very boring person. AfricaMagic has been able to explain to me that, for Africa is unprecedented because nobody has done it before and for them it is a good way to sell an artiste to bring out the values of the content that we have in here which is the business aspect. For a personal perspective, the producer made me understand that a lot of people will know me more, some people will not like it, some would, however at the end of the day it is an opportunity for me to achieve other things. I could decide to have a clothing line, what better way for me to advertise, it is for me to wear my designs for the show, so there are several opportunities. I see it basically as a way to generate content but it depends on what you make out of it eventually.

Will the content you generate for series weeks be edited?

To keep my sanity, we decided that I shouldn’t see the edited content, so I haven’t even seen a single episode. Because I am a critic, I am a very, very fierce, I will just go crazy and I will want them to remove some things; because naturally there will be some things that I won’t be comfortable with, and they don’t want to be under such pressure. And I don’t want to put myself under such pressure too. I trust them with what ever they are bringing out.

Can you opt out of the contract when you want?

It is a gamble, I am just taking a chance but I can opt out when ever I wish, I think that is the beauty of it, I signed a contract that says if it is too much and I can’t handle it, I can opt out if I want to, it is not a binding contract. But I believe this is worth taking a chance.

Most celebrities keep their private life secret; how do you intend to handle your privacy with this?

I have been in the lime light for over seventeen years I am use to it, it could be fiercer and everything, but this is what I do, I choose to be an entertainer, I already understand that my life will never be just mine, I understand that a lot of people will talk about it, a lot of people will be interested about it, they all ready are. But at the end of the day it is not that scary in that aspect, this is closer and it depends on what you think about life, personally I think I have an okay life.

I actually was even worried for them; I said my life is boring; it looks very interesting in public when I come out on red carpet. But the truth of the matter is that I don’t really go out, I really don’t when I am done with my work. I just go home. So what do you really want to show? I think my life is really boring, and they said that is what they want. And that they want to showcase how really it is, and if it is boring let people decide.

Do you see this reality show exceeding 13weeks as initially planned?

When we get to that, we will see. But now I am just okay that we have thirteen weeks programme, and I have my fingers crossed, I am not God, I don’t know how it will go. I am already getting very scary right now, I would not tell you lies, it has not started showing but there is a lot of pressures already with a lot of people calling from all over the world. I don’t even know because at the end of the day I might feel is too much or at the end of the thirteen series I might have gotten use to it. I don’t know for sure. I won’t sit here and lie to you that I am comfortable that I know what I am doing, I don’t. I am going into a new territory, I have always been acting with script, now there is no script, it is I, out there, and I don’t know how I might be feeling about it the next moment.

Your marriage is seen as the most successful in this part of the world, how much of the relationship between you and your husband would be shown on this series?

I will and we already understand that with the producers of the show. They have the same goal as I do and I know they want drama for real things but like I told them, they should keep the drama sensible.

I mean there are some senseless dramas and I am not going to say because I am doing a reality show, then I would be irresponsible. So if the drama between my husband and I, is eventually going to help people, I told them they can show it but if nobody is going to learn anything out of it, then I think it would not make sense to show it because then at the and of the day, you give people the wrong impression and they would not understand how that was. So I leave it to them to be responsible and show what needs to be shown.

I have told them what my goals are and I know they have their own goals and somehow they are going to find how it blends. So concerning my family, they would show the drama of whatever but keep in mind that at the end of the day, we must have to settle our problems.

So when we do fight, at least show how we settled it so that people can know how and also learn. I mean there is a lot of drama around my life – my kids and myself, myself and my husband and all that but then, juts know that you must also finish it. You must enter the bedroom and see how we finish it otherwise for me there is no point.

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