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Ogun Community in Darkness seeks Help

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Electricity is one of the inevitable needs of every community. Without power supply many businesses would shut down, a lot of things will be disabled. Phones and other gadgets cannot be charged.

At night, one is unable to carry out certain task, one of which is studying due to this lack. Life is just generally not so much fun without it. Cost of living is usually expensive since traders resort to the use of power generators to organise their trade.

In this age, any community without power supply would go through a lot of challenges, development would be hindered and other communities would be far ahead of them in many terms. Could all these be what the people of Freeman community are going through at the moment?

The residents of Freeman community, Mowe have raised their voice in appeal to the Ogun State Government as regards electricity. The community has been without electricity since forever.

Freeman is a community populated by some 5000 residents whose lives have been radically altered because they lack this basic amenity. This situation has put in jeopardy residents of this community exposing them to security threats (such as robbery), socio-economic challenges and untold hardship.

According to the Chairman, Freeman Community Development Association (CDA), Mr. James Opadosu, the people of Freeman are tired of their condition.

He said: “To fix the electricity is our major problem. It has become tiresome for residents to contribute money. That is why we are sending an SOS to the Ogun State Government to come and rescue us from darkness. We are aware Governor Ibikunle Amosun is currently on a special tour of local governments and communities in the state, so he should come to Freeman to rescue us too.”

Really, one would wonder if this community is within the precinct of Ogun State that is said to be fast rising in industrialisation. For Freeman life is tortuous and slow-paced without electricity.

Residents of the Freeman community, through communal efforts have so far tried to change their own situation, but the progress remains too little to achieve their aim.

For instance the CDA has been able to purchase transformer, installed 13 spans high tension lines, erected over 100 concrete electricity poles and many others. These installations were made by the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDEC). But now at the completion stage, the community said, the administration of Governor Amosun must put them in remembrance by coming to support them towards the completion of the project.

“The Christmas season is coming and we just want the governor to come and see how far we have gone complete the project for us as a Christmas gift and our souls shall pray for him,” said Opadosu.

Apart from the issue of electricity, Freeman also face security challenge, but the residents have banded together to secure their own community through vigilante groups. They have done the same for their poor roads through contributions from individual members of the community.

According to Freeman’s CDA, the community had written letters in the past to the Ogun State Government through its ministry of community development and cooperative and directly to the Governor of Ogun State on the issue of electricity but no feedback has come from the ministry or the governor’s office.

Oladosu listed some among the needed items for  the completion of the electricity project it embarked on to include: 20 high tension poles, 140 low tension poles, six (6) HT Span with all its accessories, 150 mm x 4 core Armoured Cable (80 meters), XLPE Cable from HT Line to Transformer (20 meters), 28 meters of 500 mm single core cable, 1500 meters of 100mm Bac conductor, 1 unit of 800 Amps 4 ways Feeder Pillar, 30,800 meters of 500mm Aluminium conductor wire for low tension lines, 60 pieces of complete stay, 652 D iron shacked complete, among other things.

For now, most businesses in the community are powered by power generating set. This definitely means extra expenditure for a community inhabited mostly by low-income earners.

First, they have the burden to buy the generating set, then fuel to power it. The money put in for this could have been put in better use. Also it cannot be used round the clock by its owners because of the cost. Also, depending on the size/capacity of the power generator, it can’t be used to perform certain task like powering a refrigerator, ironing, as well as other household gadgets.

Industries, companies, hospitals are not likely to come into this environment given the situation of their electricity. No one would want to start a business in a location where they have to start powering themselves from day one. Also, residents are likely to move out of the community seeking for a greener pasture. This leaves the community backward in almost every sphere.

The lack of electricity implies that businesses such as saloon, cold room, welding, computer operators/cyber café, refrigerator repair, etc. will be a luxury to own in such area and may be unaffordable since they may be powering their stores with a power generator.

These are businesses that are easily found in other vicinities. It also means that even a private hospital will be hard to come by, talk more of a public hospital as well as other companies.

Mr. Nwachukwu, a resident of Freeman community appealed to the state government, saying “the governor’s name will be written on the wall of Freeman through this feat, and he would not be forgotten by the community.”

Article Credit: Thisdaylive

Updated 4 Years ago

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