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Nigerians urged to patronise IPv6 compliant ISPs

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June 18, 2013


Experts at the 2013 edition of the Nigeria IPv6 Roundtable organised by DigitalSENSE Africa Media and Internet Society Nigeria, held recently in Lagos, urged consumers of the internet in Nigeria to patronise only Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are IPv6 compliant.

This, they argued, would fast-track the nation’s practical migration to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) from IPv4 which has since been exhausted, according to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Noteworthy is that IPv4 is the fourth revision in the development of the Internet Protocols (IPs).

Speakers at the event organised by the DigitalSENSE Africa Media in collaboration with Internet Society Nigerian chapter and support from stakeholders, including Phase3 Telecoms, all agreed that it was time Nigerian internet users make this demand on ISPs and equipment manufacturers in the country to ensure that mobile devices coming into Nigeria are made with IPv6 specification.

Preparing the ground for the roundtable, in commemoration of the World IPv6 Day, Executive Director, Operations at DSA Media, Mrs. Nweke said the theme: “IPV6 and Broadband Penetration” was based on the fact that Nigerians are not demanding for services based on IPv6 evolution.

She noted that IPv4 had been exhausted since 2011, based on information made available by the issuing agency for Internet Protocols (IP), the IANA.

Mrs. Nweke said the need to migrate to IPv6 cannot be over emphasized because with the growing numbers of smart devices, Internet users, in Nigeria would need to maximize the increased deployment of broadband in the country.

In her welcome remark, the chairperson Mrs. Ibukun Odusote, represented by Mrs. Blessing Korie, commended the organizers and urged Nigerians to make personal effort at being part of the evolution, especially on IPv6 migration and join on the campaign to ensure that Nigeria moves forward technologically.

John Otunte Otueneh of ISOC Nigeria chapter, while commending DSA Media said Nigeria need to be proactive on global issues bearing in mind some administrative setbacks that may come locally. He added that while IPv4 was running out, the global authorities, including ISOC started working and asking questions on the survival of the system once the IPv4 is exhausted, hence the birth of  IPv6.

“We’re not proactive in this part of the world,” he declared, stressing the need sustain the awareness campaigns, train and retrain users of IPv6, especially the technical staff and even export techies rather than importing experts.

Benedict Obaro Othello of Phase3 telecoms in his remarks, spoke of the huge drive to go into the IPv6 which is a huge success, citing Microsoft which has integrated IPv6 into its operating systems.

The challenges, he said includes the skill set, which is necessary to operate the system, insisting that phones being imported into the country should be IPv6 enabled.

Drawing the comparison, the Chief Operating Officer, NiRA, Ope Odusan said the IPv4 is a unique 32-bit number that identifies the location of a computer network and could be likened to ‘street addresses,’ but this time, in the cyber space, which enables other computers to find out exactly where you are and deliver information to the end-user’s computer systems. He also said that IPv6 is the sixth revision to the Internet Protocol and the successor to IPv4 with a unique features; using 128-bit addresses.


Article Credit: Daily Independent Newspaper

Updated 6 Years ago

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