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Nigeria pushes for more telecom spectrum for efficient services

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January 9, 2012

To avert network congestion, Nigerian government is said to be pushing for additional spectrum on the 700MHz that would enable the telecom operators in the country provide efficient services as well as deploy less base stations across the country.


Executive Commissioner, NCC, Mr. Bashir Gwandu, in the International Telecommunication Union, (ITU) report said that the Nigerian delegation to the World Radiocommunication conference 2012 holding this month in Geneva, Switzerland was lobbying the global telecom regulator for additional spectrum on 700MHz currently being sued for by the broadcasting industry.

According to Gwandu, Nigeria needs at least three slots which could be used by mobile operators to deploy high capacity mobile voice and data services, noting that there was not enough spectrum available for the regulators which explains why Africa was going to ITU to push for more spectrum because of the huge data that are going to be growing in the continent, which need to be accommodated to avert network congestion.

The NCC commissioner who acknowled affordability problem in Africa, believe that adding more additional sites is not the best way to go because it is going to cost more, hence the new need by the Nigerian government request for more spectrum allocation on the 700MHz, which is a befitting spectrum being used for analogue TV.

“We said let’s digitise our television so that we can have the spectra for telephony services and we are pushing for spectra 690-790mhz. At the last conference of ITU WRC, we said Africans haven’t got Digital Dividend because we have already licenced CDMA, what is left for us is just 790-806MHz which is 16MHz, which is not going to take us anywhere.

“We said let’s extend it to 698MHz that would last for three major operators or an existing operator can buy part of the spectrum and expand their network and still accommodate more people and have better quality service and indeed accommodate the data growth that will come overtime.

“This is what we are pushing for at ITU, we are leading Africa in this fight for the next WRC next year and we are going to tell ITU that we want it now, we can’t wait any more, the whole of Africa wants it as soon as possible,” he added.

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