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NGOs collaborate to raise N500m for sickle cell patients

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May.15, 2013


Two non-governmental organisations, Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative and Progeny Foundation Nigeria, have started a collaboration to raise N500m to support sickle cell patients in the country.

Under the fundraiser tagged ‘500 By 1 Million,’ the  two bodies seek to raise N500m through a minimum individual donation of N500. The fund will be used to support sickle cell victims in the country.

Sickle Cell Disorder is a hereditary blood disorder. The disorder is referred to as “sickle” because the normal round red blood cells turn to an abnormal curve or sickle shape called Hemoglobin S. This prevents oxygen from moving easily through the blood vessels. This may lead to extreme pain called ‘crises,’ leg ulcers, organ failures, stroke and blindness.

Speaking at the inauguration of the project in Lagos, the Executive Director, SAMI, Ms Toyin Adesola, said the need to provide support for victims, most of who are usually overwhelmed by huge medical bills, was the main objective of the initiative.

These two organisations,  Adesola  added, have a vision of creating awareness and educating Nigerians about Sickle Cell disorder.

They also counsel and provide financial and emotional support to victims and their families.

She said, “Our experience over the years, working with them has shown that they need all the support that the society can provide. Some of the problems they face include huge hospital bills, neglect, societal stigma, ignorance, among others,” she said.

“Through our work, we have been exposed to various adversities of victims and their families. Can you imagine a poor family with five children living with sickle cell disorder? How about a woman who was abandoned by her husband because of a child who has the disorder? Some families spend half of their productive time in a year in the hospital, catering for their relations, most of the time, their children.

“These and many more are the predicament of sickle cell sufferers in Nigeria. And there are about 5 million people living with it in this country. That’s why we launch this appeal fund so we could provide medical and material support for poor victims, funds for researches to help advance the chances of proper healthcare or cure, create more awareness and advance treatments.”

Adesola added that for the project, SAMI and Progeny are targeting individuals, who could donate N500 to the cause.

Two beneficiaries of the NGOs intervention, Mrs. Eniola Ajala and Mr. Funsho Balogun, also applauded the two bodies for providing succour for their families through the provision of drugs, food and counselling services.


Article Credit: Punch Newspaper

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