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NAPE emphasises training of geosciences students

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Date: 12th March, 2013

Image: Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE)


The Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) has stressed the need for training and retraining of geosciences students to enhance oil and gas exploration in the country and also increase revenue for the government.

Meanwhile, the University Assistance Programme (UAP) leadership forum has been scheduled to take place between March 15 and 17, this year. It is entitled: “Enhancing skill-based learning and professionalism in geosciences education in Nigeria-industry to academic support and collaboration.”

Speaking during a briefing in Lagos, the President of the association, George Osahon, said the training would, among other things, improve contact and increase interaction between the oil and gas industry and geosciences departments of universities and polytechnics.

He said such interaction would provide the assistance that would augment the teaching of earth science in the tertiary institutions.

Osahon said that as part of efforts to create the needed interaction between the industry operators and geosciences students, NAPE through its UAP, is organising a leadership forum themed ‘Enhancing skill-based learning and professionalism in geosciences education in Nigeria – Industry to academic support and collaboration,’ which will hold this month.

Osahon said that the association would continue to support the oil and gas industry professionals to offer teaching services to the universities at no cost, adding that the forum has been a major contributor of basic teaching and research equipment and grants to geosciences departments in over 26 universities and four polytechnics offering geosciences programmes in the country.

The leadership forum, he noted, has in the past years achieved success in identifying and assessing the root causes of the falling standard of education in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. He also said that the association has intensified efforts in complementing the universities in the teaching of specialized courses. Some of NAPE’s corporate members, he said, have responded positively to the objective by offering their staff on full time basis to universities to be part of the academic staff at no cost to the recipient universities.

He said that NAPE has also put in place a grant-in aid programme that offers financial assistance to promising undergraduates requiring such support adding that the sponsorship which is covered by the grant-in-aid programme is funded by individual members of the group and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).

This motivation, he noted, would give students the confidence to compete and strive for excellence adding that the mini conference organised by the association is an additional student-oriented programme that would provide the opportunity for building professionals who would showcase their technical skills by presenting papers on petroleum and related subjects.

Osahon expressed satisfaction with the performance of the students, which has continued to impress prospective employers and called on members of the public to make their own contributions to supporting the students in need of financial assistance.

The Head, Exploration Assets, Addax Petroleum and the UAP Chairman, Akinrinlola Olafioye, said that the association would not relent in its efforts to exposing the Nigerian geosciences students to compete favourably with their foreign counterparts. “Why we are doing this therefore is to assist in our own little way under the umbrella of NAPE to reach and breach that gap that has been identified. They have not been able to measure up with their colleagues elsewhere in the world,” he added.


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