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MTN to grow SMEs with Toll Free (0800) and Non-Toll Free (0700) numbers

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MTN Nigeria has launched a smart number service to help Small and Medium Enterprises businesses achieve differentiation and competitive advantage.
The MTN Smart Number service provides businesses with easy-to-remember phone numbers made up of digits and alphabets that uniquely identify the name of the organisation, business or product.

In a statement by the telecoms operator, organisations in Nigeria can now enhance their visibility in the market space without breaking the bank.
According to Babatunde Osho, MTN’s Chief Enterprise Solutions Officer, the service is set to provide SMEs and large corporate organisations with a cost effective means to market and create awareness for their businesses, products and services, helping them stand out from the crowd with an easily recognizable contact number.

Osho said: “This service underpins the focus of MTN Business to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that will make Nigerian businesses more productive, and ultimately more profitable.

“What makes MTN Smart Number even more ompelling is the fact that organizations can link all their existing phone lines, fixed or mobile, to the MTN Smart Number.

“This means businesses can market just one number and have all their customers and prospects reach them.”

Osho said the innovative service allows SMEs and large companies to make their phone numbers easy to recall, thus increasing their business’s reachability among customers and prospects, which in turn can translate to increased business opportunity.

MTN Smart Numbers come in two categories; the Toll Free (0800) and Non-Toll Free numbers (0700).

Toll Free numbers provide an option where the caller calls a business for free and the receiver pays while the Non-Toll Free option requires the caller to make calls at the prevailing network tariff.

Both non-toll free numbers and toll-free numbers must consist of a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve letters (alphabets) after the initial 0700 or 0800.
This service is provided in conjunction with Alpha Technologies Limited

Article Credit: Sun Newspaper

Updated 5 Years ago

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