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Mexican researchers discover how to purify water using diamonds

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Mexican researchers from Universidad Iberoamericana discovered a way to purify water contaminated with methyl parathion, a potent insecticide.

Using a thin layer of nanocrystalline diamond and an electrochemical charge, the organic matter of the pesticide is oxidized and converted into carbon dioxide and inorganic salts, local daily Vanguardia said in a report.

Although the oxidization minimizes chemical toxicity, the water still needs to be processed through conventional municipal water purification systems.

Mexican farmers continue to use methyl parathion, despite being listed on the Rotterdam Convention's list of hazardous products. Residues of the pesticide have been detected in food and drinking water.

According to the report, local water contamination problems are concentrated in Baja California and Valley of Mexico's Cutzamala water distribution system.

Article Credit: Bnamericas

Updated 4 Years ago

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