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Male Singer On America got Talent, Surprises Girlgriend, Judges & Crowd.

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Last week was the premiere of America’s Got Talent with the new judges, Mel B and Heidi Klum. It started in San Antonio, Texas which was where we start this week as the auditions continue…will they top last week? The first one to the stage was Travis Pratt from Georgia. If you did not see this audition, you missed a true treat…he was a combination of Jackie Evancho and Prince Poppycock (without the flamboyant costuming)! Remarkable, simply remarkable! This, however, was not the end of the surprises of a very manly man singing like a real girly girl…he dropped to his knees when Howie Mandel ushered Pratt’s girlfriend to the stage. And that was when it got interesting.

Just incase you didn't see the video, He proposed to her on National Television.

The show morphed into a montage of stunts which wound up moving forward to Las Vegas with the theme of love and partnership including a couple of gymnasts named Nina and Yuri as well as the ballroom couple, Leeza and Ryan. What else was in store? Competing siblings from the Miami Dance Studio who has been onAmerica’s Got Talent three years running. Last year, it was the Untouchables which brings brother and sister to the stage in a fierce competition in ballroom dance. First up was Ruby and her partner Jonas as they rocked the stage to Santana’s “Oye Como Va.” They are so adorable but are not to be outdone by brother DeAngelo and his partner, Amanda, as they kick and flick their way to Las Vegas with Ruby and Jonas. It will be interesting to see how these two duos fair.

…and we mariachi on! Howard Stern, who is not a fan of mariachi bands, became one this evening following the performance of Mariachi Neuvo Estillo as they brought the crowd to their feet in their twisted rendition of “Apple Bottom Jeans” mixed with “I’m Sexy.” The standing ovation gave way to guns ablazing for Pistol Packin’ Paula whose “Yee Haws” couldn’t save her act as she was the first to not receive advancement. The next act had most of the audience, including Mel B, squirming in the seats as Brad Byers, a 53-year-old sword swallower, carefully shoved nine double-edged 27″ swords into his throat while being filmed by a flouroscope to prove it was real…then he twisted them before pulling them out with not a drop of blood! Amazing!


The talent kept coming in spades as Collins Keye, a 16-year-old magician, brought down the hosue with his up close and personal act where he took a dollar bill from Howie Mandel which after burning and blowing ashes was recovered from the sealed bag of popcorn Mel B was holding over her head the entire time! This kid is AWESOME!!! He already has my biased vote.

The judges traveled to New Orleans where Megan Piphus delivered a flawless ventriloquist performance that included remarkable singing talent from one puppet named Monica and another, a cat, named Princess who sang opera! Yes – it was a night at the opera! Following this stunning act was Jonathan Allen whose backstory left the audience embracing him but unprepared for the unbelievable baritone rendition of a Pavarotti favorite. He deserved every accolade he received from the judges and I hope (and pray) his parents were watching to see what a treasure they have in this young man! He is truly gifted! Let’s hope DeLeon is watching this year’s audition as they have been, so far, absolutely fantastic!

I am sure noone was expecting to see the excitement that followed. First up was Alexandria the Great, a 51-year-old escape artist which took my breath away…literally. She exhaled before jumping into a pool covered with 30 feet of chain wrapped around her body with ankles and wrists shackled by eight locks. The crowd got tense after 3o seconds and Howie was a little frantic after a minute, but even her husband was getting worried when she did not emerge by 90 seconds to wild applause shortly afterwards. She deserved to be sent onward as was Sam Johnson. He was a sway pole artist who did a handstand atop an 80′ pole on a windy day without a harness or protective net to catch him should he fall. As with the audience, I was holding my breath the entire time until he finsihed. Amazing! The final act was a young man named Paul Thomas Mitchel who wrote and sang a tribute song to his alcoholic father who trned his life around and got straight for his kid. BRAVO! Although this young man is pretty good, I am not sure he has the chops to compete with some of the other incredible talent seen thusfar but he is worth rooting for.

In closing this week, I want to make a comment about the editing this seaon on America’s Got Talent. In the past, television audiences have been inundated with pathetically riduculous and raunchy acts which were a waste of time. This year, those are being kept to a minimum like two from New Orleans – JC Starbright and Andrew Ward. Starbright felt he might be the next pop star, as Howie put it “Lady GuyGuy” – but he fell sadly short of talent and should stick to computer programming while Andrew Ward, a storyteller, was just on the wrong track and might consider remaining as a speaker for haunted houses. Boo haha…

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Updated 6 Years ago

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