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Jonathan/Nyako: Nyako is frustrated, drowning – Owie

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What is your reaction to Governor Nyako’s assertion that the Federal Government is culpable over the spate of crisis in the North?

No responsible Nigerian should take Governor Nyako serious. Quite frankly, this was a man that never knew when the PDP was formed and besides, since he came to Adamawa State he has done nothing, he has either been busy fighting either Atiku Abubakar or Senator Jibril Aminu or fighting Bamanga Tukur.

He has been an isolationist and as a matter of fact, the only good aspect that Nyako has is that he has a good wife, Justice Nyako, after that, Nyako is baseless. No responsible Nigerian will take Nyako serious. What is he talking about Boko Haram? We know those who are in charge of Boko Haram. We know those who said that if the 2011 election did not favour them that they would make Nigeria ungovernable and we know the comments of various leaders from the North all the time that Boko Haram has been striking here and there. Not too long ago, a few persons that I respect including Babagana Kingibe called on the Federal Government to withdraw the military from that area.

Quite frankly, I think it is quite time to call for the imposition of full state of emergency on Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states. It should be full state of emergency and let the military take over like Obasanjo did.

Governor Nyako says the Federal Government is responsible for the killings which it attributes to “the so called Boko Haram”

You can see that Nyako is an evil-minded Nigerian for him to say so called Boko Haram. Now that Boko Haram has virtually finished all the churches in the North, they are now descending on themselves because God has a way of making those who persecute innocent people to put their swords on themselves.

Now that Boko Haram has virtually finished with Christian communities and churches, the blood of the innocent people has now entered their head so that they no longer care who they attack and it is now that Nyako is talking about so called Boko Haram.

As a matter of fact, as the governor of a state who collects billions of naira as security votes, he should hide his head in shame. After all, a state like Jigawa is in the North, as we are talking today, Boko Haram is not rearing in Jigawa. Do you know that the administrations of these three states (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe) have been terribly faulty? They have not been able to deliver dividends of democracy to their people. When you are talking about unemployment is it only the Federal Government that can give employment?

The states have not done their own and they are looking at the federal to do it for them. They all have their allocations and I tell you, here you will find a northerner with four wives and 22 children and when their father and children want to sleep, they would not find out where they are.

They wake up the following morning, they are not looking for the 22 children they have. They are on the streets being used by wicked people to perpetrate evil. As old as I am today, if my father were alive he would still find out from my wife in the evenings if I were not in and say, ‘where is your husband? Tell him to call me whenever he comes.’

Care for the children in the North, particularly these areas where you have Boko Haram, is zero. And besides, if you look at the history of the North, you will see that the Fulanis, the Hausas and the Kanuri have been at war with themselves from the creation of this nation. And this zone where you find this is dominated by the Kanuris who always find themselves superior to these other ethnic groups.

If the governors in these states had been performing, working like Governor Sule Lamido, insecurity would have been at the barest minimum, but some of our people in the North just feel that it is the birth right of the North to rule and now that a South-South person is there, they just feel that all they can do is to create enough problems so that people will say that Jonathan is not performing.

Declaration of full emergency

Security does not belong to the Federal Government alone; it is there for all arms of government. And these governors are regularly taking billions of naira for security and they are doing nothing. So, I think that it is time to call a spade a spade and let Jonathan declare full emergency in these three states. Enough is enough of this arrogance from these irresponsible governors who don’t know where they come from.

So, what of the assertion that the Federal Government is sponsoring Boko Haram?

That is nonsense. Jesus Christ said it that if the owner of the house is called Beelzebub, what will his followers be called? This was what the Jews did. They turned around to say that he was being used by the devil.

The Federal Government has no reason to sponsor Boko Haram. The truth is that Boko Haram is an instrument for those who felt that if they didn’t win election, Nigeria would be ungovernable. One thing is very clear, when God says yes, nobody can say no and I know very well that peace will return to this nation and all those who don’t want peace to return to this nation, God will ensure that they are consumed by their own fire.

What can elder-statesmen like do to make peace given the claims of Governor Nyako?

We have a parable in Benin that the ground that needs blood for libation, there is no amount of palm oil you will pour on it that it will accept until that blood of libation is poured on it. What you are seeing today is the irresponsibility of people like Governor Nyako. This was a man that was in the Navy and has no respect for himself or those with whom he served in the military. If you watch his antecedents in particular, you will see that that letter is a letter from a frustrated person.

Re-election quest

When Nyako was in the PDP, he never performed in Adamawa and but for the federal might he would have been defeated in his re-election quest.  Check if there is any responsible Adamawa indigene that is supporting Nyako. He is there as a loner. That letter is a letter from a man who has refused to perform with the mandate given to him, it is a letter from a man who came to a house which he never built and tried to destroy it, it is a letter from a man who hates anyone that is near him that wants to do good.

He fought Atiku, he fought Jibril Aminu, and he fought Buba Marwa and every human being that is worth something in Adamawa. People have deserted him, so that letter is from a drowning man. As far as I am concerned, it is a letter from a confused heart, a letter from someone God gave opportunity to govern and he misused it.


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Updated 5 Years ago

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