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I love talking about love — Azeezat

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Azeezat Sadiq, known for her colourful hairstyles, has a lot going for her at the moment politically. As one of the directors of the Copyright Society of Nigeria, COSON, and another position in the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN, the talented singer who is trying to make a comeback to the entertainment scene, in a phone interview with DUPE AYINLA-OLASUKANMI talks on her appointments, what she has been able to achieve, her career, family and other issues.

WHAT are you doing at the moment?

I am working on a lot of things which include my career and politics. Currently, I am one of the directors of Copyright Society of Nigeria, the treasurer of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, and in business I am still the publisher of Revolution magazine and some other things.

Why this new passion for political positions?

The truth is I didn’t choose politics; for a long time in my life, I hated it. In everything that I have done in my life, I have always taken a lead role. I am always passionate about making life better for the people around me. So when that calling came, it was still a part of me. And I discovered that there was a feeling in my heart that I needed to add to my people, like becoming a director in Copyright of Nigeria. The fact that we are delivering alone is like a miracle. Because this was something that people had thought would never happen in Nigeria. And this has been a great fulfillment for me alone as a human being. It is not about politics, but giving value to the people around me. It is the same thing with PMAN. And if you give me something to believe in and when I discovered that, the dream was for me to have a Hall of Fame for great Nigerian female singers; that was it for me.

What have you been able to achieve with these positions within the period you got appointed?

Well, for Copyright I got elected last year May. And before that, COSON was able to distribute 25million naira as royalties to Nigerian musicians. And then in another eight months was able to distribute another 10million. Another thing is that, around the time I got elected, a lot of people didn’t know what COSON was about or they knew it in a negative way. But right now, people know what it is all about and the positive side. For PMAN, one of the things we have been able to do is to organise events for widows. And we are also following on the case of Tiwa Banks that was stabbed by her landlord son. These are the things we have been doing and for PMAN, it just started recently. We are still trying to put our house together, with lot of structures too. But what matters to me is PMAN’s drive to clean up the image of what had gone on in the past.

How have you been able to keep your magazine on the news stand; what is the secret?

We have our own problem too. It was just recently that we started coming back. It is a peculiar thing. It is just that we did a lot of studying before we started. Everybody that knew when we started knew that we had our challenges too, but because it was an ideal thing and even we knew what to do, it was a calling that we had to answer. And that was why we came back, knowing it is the only hair and entertainment magazine in Nigeria.

Why didn’t you put an end to the project since it was not making money?

It is the fact that it is a hair magazine. And wherever I go to the salon, I discover there is still a need for it. When such a thing occurs, you don’t have a choice. I discovered that there is a need to be filled. There is a voice in the Nigerian economy, concerning that area.

Having your husband as your manager for years, how have you been able to manage your relationship without breaking up?

The secret behind any relationship is God first and being able to put everything in His hands. If I go on talking about it, it would look like I want to take the credit away from God. And it is not as if we don’t go through challenges, but with God and His grace upon your union you will always pull through.

When did you discover that you had passion for love poems?

It’s been a long time coming. I discovered that I am in love with love. And I love talking about love issues. I lean on the wisdom of God and the experiences that I have gone through and that of the people around me. I have always done that, even when I was in secondary school. All these things, to me as a human being, happened accidently. You know God has a perfect plan and knows where you are going, and will always equip you to get there. But to me, it was accidental. People always keep asking me, why do you always sing about love? Every time they ask me, I am always shocked; because it is not always a deliberate thing by me to go out there and start singing about love. I just found myself singing love songs. And another thing is that, when I was grooming myself in the 80s and early 90s, those were the songs reigning then. But it is all to the glory of God.

Will it be right to say you can’t sing other genre of songs?

I do. I love doing a lot of inspirational songs; songs that give hope. Actually, I used to say that my ministry is a ministry of hope. Even in my love songs too, you can see that all I do is to give people hope. If you can go through anything in life, you will pull through if you believe.

Why have you been releasing singles?

Truth is I have had album packages in the past that didn’t work. And these days, I think it is more of singles. I believe that my people just want to hear something new, and I believe that the way they can feel instead of waiting for a complete album all together is to continue to dish out songs for them to hear. And when they are ready, and ask me to give them an album, I will.

Why do you choose the kind of hairstyles you have on?

It is what I have always wanted. I started when I wanted an identity for myself. And I told myself that the first thing somebody will probably see about you when you make an appearance is your hair before checking out what you are wearing. And I wanted that for my identity. And I felt it will be easier for me to carry. And for you to always be outstanding, the hair itself will not be what will be easy for anybody else to carry. That was what informed the kind of hair I have been doing. And I also got inspired by an Onidiri (hairstylist) then, from one of her hairstyles. It is all about fantastic hair; it is all about ‘wow’ hair. And that was why it was easy for me to publish a hair and glamour magazine.

Do you always have the hair on, or only on occasions?

Before, I used to. But now because of other duties and the unpredictability of my movement you can always catch me with various hair styles. But it is something that has become quite worrisome to me because I felt like a brand is always a brand and you have to be caught always with it. But I guess I have to put all those ideas to one side, because I have work to do. But Azeezat is still Azeezat. That is what I want to push through now. My voice still stands.

Can you still boast of still having your natural hair?

The truth is people can’t predict my natural hair. My hair is very natural, for over five, six years now, I have not even had any chemical in my hair. Though it is slightly low, and because it’s natural, it is easy to have all sorts of styles.

How do you find time for your family with your busy schedule?

Thank God for the informal nature of my hour. I still sort out time to spend with my family. My hours are not the 9-to-5 type of job. So I still find time to spend with my husband and my children. Especially the children, I try to spend quality time with them. The truth is I work with my husband and get to spend more time together and find out how to carry the children along.

The last time we spoke, there were no children mentioned. Why did you shield them away from the public?

Well right now, because I have a lot of things that I am doing, and I am taking one step at a time and trying to get back into the industry to satisfy the yearnings of my fans for my songs. It is all about the music, even though I do more of politics. I am doing all I can to push myself to the forefront. Any other thing that can distract that, I don’t condone.

Was it the competition in the industry that made you lie low for some time?

I really don’t see competitors in the industry. If you want to first of all be shoving yourself about competitors, you will first have problem in your compound. Because there will be like there is your landlord’s daughter who might be a singer. Before you now gradually enter the industry itself. You know there are lots of talents about. And if you bother yourself about that, you will not rise. It is not a competitive thing, but bringing the best that you are about. It is just the way it is. There will be a time when you will have great songs and other times you try to do something new and they don’t feel it. And if you are so passionate about what you are doing, you will still continue and make sure you do something they will feel.

How many kids do you have now, and how do you care for them when you have engagement?

I have two. And with the nature of my business you must always make arrangement for care-taking.

Article Credit: The Nation Newspaper

Updated 6 Years ago

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