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Health and Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

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Image:Why Green Tea is Naturally Healthy for Us


28th March, 2012

Though green tea may only seem like a new concept to some of us on the Western side of the pond, green tea has been used for centuries by other countries that long ago recognized its health and beautiful benefits. The benefits of green tea can be had simply by sipping on it each morning as you take the dog for a stroll. Or you can also enjoy the benefits of green tea by rubbing it on your skin through a body lotion or a lip balm. There are even green tea supplements that help with your indigestion and weight loss.

Why Green Tea is Naturally Healthy for Us

What green tea really has going for it are its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are important as they help protect us from the “free radicals” that we have both in our atmosphere and in our bodies. Free radicals are naturally occurring, but they are detrimental to our health as they can cause cancer, heart disease, and they accelerate the aging process. Having a regular intake of antioxidants has repeatedly shown that the numbers of free radicals are reduced. Cholesterol is reduced with regular intake of green tea. The chance of developing any cancers and heart disease decreases. Even those who suffer from arthritis will notice a difference shortly after they start sipping on some green tea.

Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

Here’s what a lot of us are looking for: a magical cure to help us lose weight faster! So how does green tea do this? Green tea is a natural substance that contains ingredients that are able to flush out toxins that cause our bodies to cling on to our fat cells, and it has the ability to speed up our metabolic rate. This means that we are burning more fat than we would be otherwise. As an added benefit, green tea also enhances the oxidization of our fat cells, and it provides us with more energy than more highly caffeinated beverages.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

A lot of things can cause for our skin to look older than we feel: pollution, smoking, sun exposure, and diet are all popular offenders. The good news is that those fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots can all be treated with a touch of green tea. When ever you are on the hunt for anti aging products in the stores, make sure you do choose ones that use green leaf extracts as this will help naturally erase any fine lines and age spots that you may have.

TIP: Some women will steep a cup of green tea and store away the teabags in the fridge overnight. The next morning, they place the cooled teabags over their eyes for 10-20 minutes. The coolness of the bags combined with the caffeine in the teabags will help get rid of any puffiness and under eye circles, and your eye area will be completely revitalized.

Dental Benefits to Green Tea

Something that you don’t hear about every day is that there are actual dental benefits to green tea. Green tea naturally has fluoride in it, albeit low levels, but this does help prevent cavities. It also will get rid of the bad-breath causing bacteria in our mouth, so after sipping on a cup, you will have fresher breath.

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