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GOTv adds competition to Nigerian DTH market

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Grassroots pay TV market experienced massive competition last week when a Nigerian company, DETAILS Nigeria officially launched a new and innovative pay television service, tagged GOtv. The new pay television rides on the back of the latest Digital  Video Broadcast (DVB-T2) technology.

The DVB-T2 technology standard deployed by GOtv allows for up to 20 channels per frequency, this is different from DVB-T1 technology which only allows for 12 channels per frequency. This means that with GOtv, there is a dramatic improvement on the dividend of terrestrial frequencies available to Nigeria. GOtv is delivered via two bouquets: GOtv Plus, which contains a total of 33 World Class Channels and GOtv, which contains 22 channels.

All along, platforms like Star Times, MyTv among others have dominated the market due to their affordability and rich contents for women and children.

But at launch, owners of GOtv revealed that the system represented one of the most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcast system in Africa and yet was very affordable. They argued that the technology used to deliver GOtv services in Nigeria was the most advanced in Africa and even the rest of the world.

They also said that GOtv technology leapfrogs the outdated system which the system of most payTv operators in Nigeria has been operating on.

The Chairman of Details  , Adewunmi Ogunsanya, said, “We are very excited about the launch of GOtv, a true testament of our vision to democratize the pay television landscape in the country and make digital television services a must – have ‘for all Nigerians. This launch forms part of our broad based strategy to contribute to  Nigeria’s digital migration to sensible infrastructure investments and  competitive service delivery.

Corroborating him was the company’s General Manager Mr Mayo Okunola, who declared that GOtv was driven by a sense of patriotism to redefine the pay television landscape and change the consumption of high quality digital television content.

He said: “The GOtv brand was specially created to make available an digital television services for all. We realized that when people think of digital television they immediately imagine it has to be expensive, but this is not the case with GOtv which offers great family entertainment at affordable prices”.

Okunola added that the beauty of using DVB-T2 to back up GOtv was to free up more spectrum to allow for other services which could be used for delivery of government programs such as education, health and other public services in future.

Article credit: Vanguard Newspaper

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