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Diaspora Nigerians contribute over 70% in growing China economy

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19th June 2014

Coordinator of Good Governance Initiative (GGI) and CEO, Blue Diamond Logistics, China, Mr. Festus Uzoma Mbisiogu has disclosed that Nigerian businessmen in China contribute over 70 per cent of China’s growing economy.

He also said that the Nigerian businessmen in China are the backbone of the Nation’s foreign policy with China.

Mbisiogu said this during a town hall meeting with Nigerian business community in Beijing China, urging all responsible Nigerian authorities, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to ensure that the efforts made to establish a new consulate in Guangzhou to satisfy the increasing number of Nigerian-China based businessmen and women in China was not futile.

He applauded the efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan in ensuring that Nigerian-China based businessmen go about their various businesses in China in a much suitable environment. He pointed out that the building of a new consulate in Guangzhou, China has eliminated all the hurdles of having to travel as far as Beijing to process as little as business registration, thereby, dampening business progression.
He said “Before the establishment of the consulate in Guangzhou there was a long gap between Nigerians in China and their home country. The connectivity between Guangzhou and Beijing, where the Nigeria embassy was first situated was such a herculean experience.
“In many situations, we would commute about 21 hours journey by train from Guangzhou to Beijing and or 3 hours by flight, just to get embassy authorities consents for cases ranging from business registrations to minor consular services.”

He also acknowledged the fact that the establishment of the new consulate in Guangzhou, has enabled better business transaction between Nigerians and the Chinese.

“Apart from other diplomatic relations between Nigeria and China, majority of the business transaction between Nigeria and China takes off from the city of Guangzhou, and it is quite imperative to ensure that both countries maintain a good business relationship, which the establishment of the new consulate in Guangzhou has successfully achieved”, Mbisiogu submitted.

While noting that Nigerians in China almost lost touch ith inherent gains of the growing Sino-Nigeria relations, the business mogul, who also owns one of the largest manufacturing industry in Nigeria implored all to leverage on the high volume of business transactions between China and Africa, particularly Nigeria, and ensure continuous business prospects.

”When the president reiterated his commitment to Diaspora Nigerians especially to those of us in China by running a participatory government where the interest of every Nigerians no matter how small is protected and our participation is encouraged too.

thought it is going to end up as one of those continuous promises, especially when he unequivocally reiterated the opening of the Nigerian Consulate in Guangzhou.

“We also hope that the Federal Government would give the new Nigerian Ambassador to China, Ambassador Cyril Anozie, all the necessary support that is required because he represents the collective interest of both the Nigerian Government and Nigerian immigrants in China fueling the growing Sino-Nigeria cooperation.” said Mr. Mbisiogu.

Article Credit: Vanguard News

Updated 5 Years ago

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