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Definitely Uganda’s worst BBA ever

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I will not say that I saw it coming; what I will say is, Uganda is damned when it comes to Big Brother Africa (BBA).

Eight attempts, and nothing?

Two weeks is all it took for both our representatives to find themselves on flights back home!

Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi was kicked out during the first eviction show and last Sunday Isaac Lugudde Katwe aka LK4 followed. In a way, LK4 was his own victim. When he was selected to represent Uganda, we thought we were in for the ride of our lives.

Basketball player LK4 is a ladies’ man; he has broken enough hearts on the streets of Kampala. He even impressed married socialite Zari Hussein enough to get her to tattoo his name on her back, until the affair came tumbling down and she ran back to hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga.

He then jumped onto another socialite, Sue Ochola, then on to Judith Heard’s sister and others, not to mention his steady girlfriend; so, Kampala couldn’t wait to see the havoc he would wreak in Biggie’s house. But in the house, with cameras and mics everywhere, his playa tendencies stood no chance.

First, he tried playing two girls – Nigeria’s Beverly and South African Koketso – whose countries also wield some influence in the voting. When that seemed to work against him, he ditched the bad boy tag to act the gentleman, professing his love to Koketso, but Africa saw through the act.

And then the whole “mummy’s boy” thing just finished him. Which 28-year-old sings mummy-this, mummy-that? He even told his housemates his mummy owns 17 cars. Africa simply found him cocky and childish.

And there went our chance at winning the $300,000 yet again. Koketso also suffered the same fate as her ‘boyfriend’, which means now South Africa’s hopes lie on Angelo who has nothing to write home about, save for his Rapunzel-like dreadlocks.

LK4 returns to Uganda this evening as Denzel hosts his eviction party the same night at Legends sports bar.

What a BBA year. Till next May, folks!

Article Credit: The Observer

Updated 6 Years ago

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