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Day Four: The Ransom Letters of Sisi Eko

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Day Four: The Ransom Letters of Sisi Eko

Chuma Nwokolo

This is the fourth part of the short story series written by Chuma Nwokolo

Dear Marwa de Machete,

Thank you for taking over this matter. And thank you very much for the new password. 'Sisi Eko' is a very nice nickname. I don't know why that your Bomber boy was making so much wahala about giving me a decent password.

I don't have any extra anti-clot injections at home. My husband buys them at one pharmacy in Ikeja. Ask him, I am just a housewife. I am sorry you had to run out of your house at 2 o'clock this morning to look for injections, but I warned that your doubting-thomas assistant. I am happy my darling husband is well now.

Thank you for the cheque. Why should I be angry that you changed the money to N10m . After all, you were discussing face-to-face with my husband who owns the money, and I am just an ordinary housewife. The only problem was the alterations all over the cheque. If you want to alter a cheque, why couldn't you look for the same black biro that I used to write it? How much is black biro? The bank manager became suspicious at the blue and black ink we used to write the cheque and refused to pay it, especially when you didn't allow my husband to answer his mobile phone when they tried to reconfirm the cheque. In fact, when he saw the spot of blood on the cheque he insisted on calling the police. I told him it was red ink, but he said it looked like blood, so I started to scream (I know how to cry very well) and he agreed that it was just a domestic husband and wife matter. Now, just because of your greed everybody's eyes are red in that bank. There is no point in sending you another cheque because I dare not go back there. That is the problem with you greedy people: by now you should have one million naira in your pocket, and I should have my husband at home, helping me to pack for my visit to Dubai.

You had better take the N50,000 I have at home and let's settle this matter once and for all, before my husband's injections sends you into debt. (Don't worry, I will still add my trinkets. As for me I always keep my promises.) You don't have to make millions and millions on your first job, you know. Don't say I am insulting you with proverbs but you know that when the trader waits too long for the best price, her tomatoes can become rotten. Since we are talking about food, did you remember what I said about soft eko? It's not that he cannot eat pounded yam at night, it's just that I know how many piles operations he has had.

Anyway, I am sending you back the uselessed cheque with all the 'Refer to Drawer stamps' - before you start thinking that I have cashed your money and added it to my Dubai money (I know how you men think!). By the way, between you and me, whose blood was that on the cheque? Don't say I am doubting you o, but please send me a picture of my darling husband. And ask him for me if true-true he had ten million naira in that account? I didn't know that overdraft can reach like that...

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Updated 7 Years ago

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