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Cow farts can cause global warming

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A study stated that cow farts contain certain amount of methane gas that could result to global warming.Yes! You heard it right! Cow farts can cause global warming. Cow farts and burps contain huge amounts of methane, this is because of their slow digestive systems. Not only cows, even farts and burps released by other animals can cause global warming.

Farts are made up of several gases. One among them is methane (CH4), a gas that is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Methane when present in small amounts in the environment helps in trapping warm air around the planet. However, large amounts of methane can lead to thickness of the green house gas layer in the air which is not a very good thing.

Certain scientists say that on an average a dairy cow releases about 200 to 500 litres of methane gas in the form of farts that causes pollution. Therefore in that case, the pollution produced by a car in a day is far less than that produced by cow farts.

So how can we reduce this? Well, high sugar grasses such as maize silage can reduce up to six percent of methane emission. However, this would lead to farmers spending extra.

Methane is not only caused due to animals but several other things also results in causing of methane, which includes processing of waste.

Also two-third of the amonia in the environment comes from cows.

Article Credit: DNA

Updated 6 Years ago

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