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Bomb attacks may trigger psychological disorders – Experts

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FOLLOWING series of bomb attacks in parts of the country by the terrorist group Boko Haram, medical experts say Nigerians nationwide may have become exposed to the psychological effects of terrorism in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the medical community, National President of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Dr Idris Omede, noted that while relations and friends of victims of the bomb blasts are more at risk of coming down with psychological effects, the overall implication on the health of Nigerians in the form of psychological disorders, was more far reaching than envisaged.

Omede who stated that it may not be unusual to witness a sharp rise in psychological disorders in the weeks and months ahead, called for immediate check on the incidence and spate of bomb attacks, else, the implication would not be limited to psychological breakdown, maiming and all forms of injuries that often lead to incapacitation and permanent disabilities.

He said the overwhelming stress of medical facilities, human resources and limitation of adequate basic requirements to meet trauma care is further worsened by sudden surge of cases.

“This is right from casualty sites to the place of expected final care. The sum total of this, are poor outcomes for victims. This again necessitates our call to adequate equipping of our hospitals and training and retraining of personnel for both emergency and definitive care.

“Equally important, is for the country to fashion out basic care training for bystanders or community members on vital basic things to do, the event of trauma following man made or natural disasters”, he added.

Consultant Psychiatrist at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, Dr. Richard Adebayo noted that the upsurge of terrorism could fuel major psychological impacts such as shock and acute stress reaction.

He urged Nigeria to brace up in all ramifications the direct and indirect victims, the survivors of the violent events or the injured, those who were present or nearby those who were exposed to trauma as a result of their attempts to help victims, communities, society, corporate bodies and governments face psychological reactions.

He recounted that many Nigerians would be faced with sleeping disorders, eating problems, headaches, increased level of arousal, cognitive confusion, poor concentration, memory difficulties, distressing dreams or nightmares, intrusive thoughts or images among others.

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