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Best Homemade Natural Beauty Remedies

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Actually there is no need to spend money on costly beauty aids, it is much better to turn to homemade natural beauty remedies. They are easy to DIY, cost almost nothing and available for everybody. Make sure you check out our set of the best homemade natural beauty remedies to brighten up your look.

According Our Vanity, natural ingredients used for beauty treatments can do marvels to your skin, hair and nails if mixed and applied properly. Besides, if you are in need of cheap and effective beauty treatment, there is no better option than homemade natural beauty remedies. Include the following set of the best homemade natural beauty remedies in your daily beauty routine to revitalise your beauty look.

Orange Scrub

Mix pulp and juice of a medium orange with two spoonsful of cornmeal. Apply to your face with circular motions and leave for a couple of minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Use this scrub twice a week to revitalise your complexion and remove dead cells.

Vinegar Hair Rinse

Use diluted vinegar to rinse your hair. This natural remedy can make your tresses look shiny and healthy. Only after a few sessions you will definitely notice its positive effect.


Watermelon Facial Mask

Being one of the best natural homemade beauty remedy, watermelon can therewith adapt to any skin type. Mix 2 spoons of watermelon juice with the same amount of lime juice and 1 spoonful of honey. Apply the derived mixture to your face and leave for 15-20 minutes and after rinse with warm water.

Almond Oil for Velvety Hands

Rub a bit of almond oil into your hand skin and cuticles and wrap up your hands in towels for 15-20 minutes. Then blot your hands with washcloth to remove oil excess or rinse your hands with warm water. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants that are necessary to moisturise and prevent skin from ageing.

Egg Hair Mask

In need of fast and easy remedy that can make your hair shiny right after the first session. Then natural homemade hair mask made of eggs is exactly what you need. Mix 1 egg, 2 spoons of sesame oil, and 2 spoons of coconut oil, apply the mask to dry hair and leave for 10-15 minutes. After using your fave (favourite) shampoo wash off the mask.

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